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Sewing is quite addictive…Here is what I made so far. Click on the picture to read the relevant post.

Il cucito è come una droga…Ecco una galleria delle mie creazioni. Cliccate sulla foto per leggere il post.









pleated-top sewing-princess-cassock-paco-peralta sewing-princess_l’Irrésistible_la-jolie-girafe
sewing-princess-simplicity-6000-cover sewing-princess-jasper-sweater_detail sewing-princess-style-arc-kate-dress


Sewing-Princess-Burda-07/2012 #116side Sewing-Princess-La-Mia-Boutique-042015-07-front
Sewing-Princess---Lehenga-skirt---Paco-Peralta---Frent Sewing-Princess-Vanadium-Cardigan
Sewing-Princess-Carme-Blouse-Pauline-Alice-cuff Liv-t-shirt-front sewing-princess---cami---pauline-aline---cover
Miette-cardigan Sewing-Princess--Kate-Dress-Style-Arc Sewing-Princess-Charles-Pants-Compagnie-M-pockets
Sewing-Princess-Burda 092012 108109 Aime comme Mistral Sewing-Princess--stylearc-KATE-DRESS
IMG_2396 snoodsewalongcover Sewing Princess: lotta-skirt-compagniem-saleside


Sewing Princess: stylearc-KATE-DRESS-front boatneck_front itrobe_aimecommemarie
LMB-0614-front honey-cowl_closeup
burda-102012-118a-front V1051-cover _1030479_web
DSC_5158_web 1113 LMB full _1030390_web
SDIM1522_web _1030202_web


Simplicity 2446 Amazing Fit Misses' Jacket _1030012_web Jocole wrap top
DSC_0866 DSC_4796_web DSC_4773_web
LMB-cover DSC_0892-001 DSC_4531-web
Simplicity 2588 with Vintage Fabric Apron Skirt Paco Peralta Rectangle-maxi-dress
skirt-detail DSC_4401-web Yoga Pants - Sewing Princess detail
sewingprincess-tofino2 SDIM1486 P1020375-web
Winnie Lounge Pants


Apron Skirt - Pencil Skirt DSC_3767-web Herringbone A-line skirt
Denim skirt Front Swing Dress 08/2012 #133 Colette Crepe Version 2
Sorbetto front A Feminine Wardrobe - A2 Top Front Unique Jacket - Paco Peralta - side
Vogue 8648 - Couture Dress Colette Meringue Skirt Draped Top - Paco Peralta
DSC_3314 Sleeves


Jeans Front Burda 119 2010/9 curved front Buttercup Bag
Easy Cap Sleeve Tee DSC_3049 Like a Diva Sheath dress - Princess seams
Pom Pom necklace DSC_3000_fin_1 Me-made Matching skirts and my new shirt - Gonne gemelle e la mia nuova camicia: fatto da me
Lonsdale Dress Front Front - Green and Black Bow top IMG_0688
pictures IMG_0560 SDIM1115H
Sleeveless Pollini Dress


Snow White coat SDIM1040 85_sewing projects9-1
Men shirt refashion: asymmetrical tucks top with shirred back Ruffly T-shirt refashion DSC_2076




7 thoughts on “Projects Gallery

  1. Tienes una colección de ropa muy bonita. Que gran trabajo haz hecho!. Yo no conocía la revista La mía boutique. Me parecen muy bonitos sus patrones.


    1. Gracias por pasarte, Sandra. La Mia Boutique se parece mucho a Patrones…pero suelen tener patrones sacados de diseños italianos. A veces el estilo de la foto no es muy favorecedor pero si miras los bocetos puedes ver enseguida si es un patrón que podría gustarte…así lo hago yo 😉


  2. Hello Silvia… I’m hoping you will update the pictures to your gallery… I would love to see you all beautiful sewing 🙂
    All the best…


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