Style Arc Dimity Top hack with a pink gauze twist

I can’t resist hacking patterns I like! Style Arc Dimity Top is the perfect candidate for that. I bought this pink gauze from Pretty Mercerie (my first 100% pink garment) and it was screaming to be turned into a top.

E’ piu’ forte di me…quando trovo un cartamodello che mi piace adoro usarlo per fare mille modifiche! Style Arc Dimity Top e’ perfetto per questo scopo. Avevo comprato questa doppia garza rosa antico da Pretty Mercerie (e’ il mio primo capo rosa al 100%) e chiedeva proprio di diventare una blusa.
If you’re read my previous Dimity Top posts (white and polka dot) you will probably spot the changes:

  • I removed the front pleat
  • I converted the side front pleats into darts (it didn’t occur to me at the time but I could have sewn the darts inside out so as to have a nice surface effect)
  • I removed the collar and finished the neckline with a bias binding
  • And made a 3/4 sleeve length (a longtime hack)

Se avete letto i miei post precedenti su Dimity (quello bianco e quello a pois) vi renderete subito conto delle modifiche:

At the time Pretty Mercerie only had 70 cm left hence I had to cut the sleeve in 2 to make it fit… I topstitched the seams to make them lie flat and called it a design feature!

All’epoca Pretty Mercerie aveva solo uno scampolo di 70 cm quindi ho dovuto tagliare la manica in due parti…ho importunato le cuciture per farle rimanere piatte…e ho deciso che era un elemento di design!

Getting the bow to lie flat for the pictures was quite a feat 😉 This is the only decent one from the photoshoot! Being a blogger is hard 😉

Fotografare il fiocco nella giusta posizione e’ stato piu’ complicato del previsto 😉 Questa e’ l’unica foto decente di tutta la sessione! La vita della blogger e’ difficile 😉

I love this new version too and I’m happy I finally made a double gauze garment…it’s such a hyped fabric I was very curious. I must say I’m on the fence about it…I love the drape and finish…but when pierced it looks very fragile (I topstitched the sleeves for durability) and wrinkles like crazy. Have you used double gauze before? What do you think?

Mi piace molto questa nuova versione e sono contenta di aver finalmente cucito un capo con della doppia garza…questa stoffa e’ cosi’ di moda che ero curiosa di provarla. Devo ammettere di avere dei dubbi…da una parte mi piace come cade la stoffa e l’aspetto…ma quando la stoffa viene bucata diventa molto fragile (ho impunturato le maniche per una maggiore resistenza) e si stropiccia molto facilmente. Voi avete mai usato la doppia garza? Cosa ne pensate?

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6 thoughts on “Style Arc Dimity Top hack with a pink gauze twist

  1. I love double gauze too and only just discovered it last year. I made the Tessuti Pia dress in a lovely blue double gauze and wore it a lot last summer. So cool and drapey. It’s fast becoming one of my favourites but your pink is truly lovely! Pink is one of my favourite colours 🙂

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  2. Pink looks great on you and it’s quite an easy colour to mix with other colours. I bought the Dimity pattern after seeing your white version, and I like the look of these changes too

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    1. Thanks Kristy! I must admit I still have a lot to learn in the pink territory ;o) I’m happy I inspired you to buy the pattern.Hope the fit works as well with you as it did with me. In the meantime I made another hack and I can’t wait to show it to you.


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