Azerbaijan pants and leather bag

Five months went by since my last post. I made a few more on Instagram but overall I’ve been rather absent. The pandemic and working from home have drastically reduced the need for new clothes…not to mention I haven’t been feeling like sewing much. In the past I used to go to my sewing room nearly every day…now months went by without sewing a single … Continue reading Azerbaijan pants and leather bag

Burda 04/2014 116 Pants

It’s nice to get my act together and finally post one of my makes. Unfortunately it’s been taking me longer to take pictures and convert them than I would have anticipated. My motivation to go outside and pose has been steadily dwindling in the past couple of years…though sewing hasn’t stopped. Che bello essere finalmente riuscita ad organizzarmi e pubblicare uno dei capi cuciti in … Continue reading Burda 04/2014 116 Pants

Pretty in Pink and a trip to the countryside

Despite the summer heat and my love/hate relationship with slippery fabrics…I sewed a pink outfit! Yes, it’s full on pink…a sort of pajama ;o) I have been meaning to make a faux jumpsuit ever since I saw Trine’s version on Instagram I was just afraid about adding an elasticated waist to the top…so I guess it’s more like a matching outfit than a faux jumpsuit. … Continue reading Pretty in Pink and a trip to the countryside

Comfy and fast: La Mia Boutique shorts

I’ve always had a love and hate relationship with shorts…they are very practical in the summer heat but never look quite right on me…in the end I don’t wear them much outside the house. I made a Named Alpi chinos last year and worn them quite a bit…but being white they tend to get stained pretty easily…or I am clumsier when I wear them! I … Continue reading Comfy and fast: La Mia Boutique shorts