Silk lounge shorts

I will call it The Long Summer of Pants as I’ve been sewing 4 pairs in a row…

La chiamere’ La lunga estate dei pantaloni… ne ho cuciti quattro paia di seguito.

I had this leftover silk laying around in my sewing room in sight for over a year…but couldn’t figure out what to make with it… It’s hard to believe this fabric was one of the first I ever bought when taking a pattern drafting and sewing course in 2010… Travel back in time to see my bias cut flared skirt It’s nearly a vintage piece worth a place in the home sewing museum ;o) Sadly I got rid of it as I was not wearing it much.

Avevo questo taglio di seta in bella vista nella mi stanza del cucito da oltre un anno…ma non sapevo cosa farci… incredibile perche’ l’ho comprata nel 2010 quando seguivo il corso di cucito… Viaggiate indietro nel tempo e date un’occhiata alla gonna svasata tagliata in sbieco che avevo cucito. E’ quasi un pezzo vintage che meriterebbe un posto nel museo del cucito casalingo ;o) Purtroppo me ne sono sbarazzata perche’ non la mettevo.

Back to the pants…I simply used a pattern from my stash I made before…so I didn’t have to make any adjustments. Less time fitting patterns is my new mantra!

Ma torniamo ai pantaloni….ho usato un cartamodello che avevo gia’ realizzato. Cosi’ non avrei dovuto fare modifiche. Il mio nuovo motto e’ Meno tempo a far modifiche!

But strangely enough the result is not exactly what I had in mind…silk creates more volume at the waist as the gathers don’t drape as much. Having said this…they are quite comfy to wear around the house…when the top is not tucked in you don’t really notice…so perfect for summer!

Stranamente pero’ il risultato non e’ esattamente quello che avevo in testa…la seta crea maggior volume in vista perche’ le arricciature rimangono piu’ voluminose. Setto questo sono comodi da mettere in casa…e con la maglietta fuori non si nota nulla…quindi perfetti per l’estate!

Are you now back at your regular routine or still in the summer mood?

Siete tornate alla routine o ancora in modalita’ estiva?

P.S. I don’t usually wear heels around the house ;o)

P.S. Di solito non indosso i tacchi in casa ;o)


3 thoughts on “Silk lounge shorts

    1. Thanks Evie for your kind thoughts! My reasons were less glamorous than it may seem… I didn’t have any easy to wear summer shorts so I refrained from making yet another top (the fabric puzzle was also too much for my poor head)… but don’t tell anyone;)

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