April 15, 2014
by Sewing Princess - Silvia

Pants fitting challenge completed: Alice + Olivia Vogue V1051


 ::Pin-up wannabe mega fail :: Un misero tentativo di foto da pin-up::

After tweaking the Alice + Olivia Vogue V1051 pattern a bit more I decided it was time to test the pattern on proper fabric.

I didn’t want to use this precious light dark gray wool but I had no other suitable fabric for pants…and I certainly couldn’t go out and buy more: despite my lack of updates I am still on the Stash Diet!

Dopo aver fatto alcune modifiche al modello Alice + Olivia Vogue V1051,  ho deciso che era ora di fare una prova su della vera stoffa.

Non volevo usare questa preziosa stoffa di lana grigia ma non ne avevo altra adatta a dei pantaloni…e non potevo assolutamente andare a comprarne dell’altra: anche se non vi ho aggiornati sto ancora facendo la Dieta della Stoffa!


I still didn’t manage to fix the diagonal wrinkles at the back despite using Kenneth King’s Baggy Seat Fix! Any idea what to do about that?

Do you think I should decrease the top waistband curve?

Non sono riuscita a risolvere del tutto il problema delle pieghe diagonali sul dietro nonostante abbia usato la tecnica di Kenneth King. Avete idee?

Secondo voi, devo ammorbidire ulteriormente la curva sulla parte superiore del cinturino?


Here is another back view with Orta Lake in the background.

Ecco un’altra foto del dietro con il Lago d’Orta sullo sfondo.


I am quite happy with the front…except for…

Sono abbastanza soddisfatta del davanti…tranne che per…


Two huge mistakes that make the pants unwearable without a cover up…

1. I accidentally ironed some interfacing on the front waistband…and there’s no way to get rid of the glue.

2. And the inner waistband is peeking out: it’s either due to the bulk or to not having sewn the waistband far enough!

I am so annoyed!!! I may have to go and buy more fabric to make another pair: can this be allowed during the diet?

Due clamorosi errori che mi impediscono di mettere i pantaloni senza coprirli…

1. Ho stirato della teletta autoadesiva per sbaglio sul cinturino…e non riesco in alcun modo ad eliminare la colla.

2. La parte interna del cinturino esce leggermente fuori: non so se sia perché l’ho cucita male o per l’eccessivo volume dovuto alla teletta.

Mi scoccia davvero! Credo che dovrò andare a comprare altra stoffa e farne un altro paio: posso nonostante la dieta?

Orta-Lake---San-Giulio-IslandWith Easter coming up and Spring breaks I thought I’d show you San Giulio Island on Orta Lake (with birdseye view)…one of the most gorgeous sights in the area the background of one of my first blog posts nearly 4 years ago.

Happy Easter!!

E con la Pasqua dietro l’angolo e le vacanze ho pensato di farvi vedere l’isola di San Giulio sul lago d’Orta (vista dall’alto)…uno dei posti più pittoreschi della zona che ho usato come sfondo di uno dei miei primi post quasi 4 anni fa.

Buona Pasqua!


April 6, 2014
by Sewing Princess - Silvia

La Mia Boutique 04 2014 Review

lmb 0114 cover

April La Mia Boutique is an issue full of jacket patterns…So I thought it would be nice to see also some of the other patterns … Unlike other issues there’s less vintage styles. Good or bad?

This month we have not one but two guest reviewers!

Nicolina from Docksjo. She is also a fan of Colette Patterns and made her second Hawthorne. Not to mention she made the most perfect first bra!

And Simona who blogs with Anita at Sewing Adventures in the Attick. She is addicted to sewing books and fabric (sounds familiar???) and has recently started working on Colette Pattern’s Lady Gray.

Before we dive in: Would you like to be the next La Mia Boutique Guest Reviewer? I would love to read what you think of La Mia Boutique patterns and how you would style them. Don’t be shy. Just drop me an email
2475Silvia: Total white look…I had seen this outfit in the preview and thought it was very nice. I could see myself wearing that outfit to work. By the way, the bag pattern is also included…I find it a bit casual for that outfit though.
Nicolina: It is really not my style, dislike something about blazers and high contrast between the black and the white + the magenta is a little bit too much for me. I wish that she could have held her arm so that it was possible to see more of the garment.
Simona: I find the white a bit clinical. Seems a bit too much of it. Looks like a cute combo for the office but not in white. For this one I like the collar on the shirt.
2202Silvia: I don’t like the jacket at all…it’s too long, don’t you think? The pants look nice though…I have said it before…wider legs are my thing
Nicolina: It might be how they put it all together but it looks like she’s wearing a men’s costume, the problem might be the sizing or that it doesn’t have enough shaping. I think that the trousers might be nice in gray with a crème or yellow silk blouse.
Simona: I agree with you Silvia the jacket is way too long and I feel that it’s a bit big for the model. I like jackets to be a bit more fitted and emphasize the waist a bit more. Not so convinced about the pants. Again I prefer them a bit more fitted.
2314Silvia: The skirt is very basic…but I really love that print! I would love to make a summer blouse with a similar fabric…and a skirt too!
Nicolina: Not sure
Simona: Indeed the skirt looks really simple. For me to the skirt fabric is the star of the outfit. I actually see it in a wrap dress. :)
2442Silvia: The blouse is really dramatic..not my style. I could go for the pencil skirt though!
Nicolina: That’s exactly my thought Silvia, the skirt, Yes, the top not so much. I would definitely keep it long though, to keep the posh 60’s over it. I love posh 60’s.
Simona: The skirt looks really nice, but would make it a bit shorter. Blouse a definite no no!! Not flattering at all unless you are stick thin
2641Silvia: The top reminds me of a similar pattern I made years ago. There’s a nice keyhole detail under the sleeve (see below) that you can use to pass a belt through. I don’t like the fabric chosen here.
Nicolina: Do I see chinos? I really like to be able to wear chinos really think they look good on other people but not me, chinos means summer for me and even if I can’t wear them myself I can see that they have a place in a summers coming issue.
Simona: Ignoring the fabric used, the top has potential. I would do it in solid colors with contrasting neck and sleeve bands.
2665Silvia: Definitely not for me at least not with that quilted fabric. Anyone likes it?
Nicolina: Not me.
Simona: Looks weird at best. Has some potential. Just think the amount of time you would need to spend on it to get it quilted… Definitely not for me.
2777Silvia: I really like the pencil skirt paired with a loose blouse. I must admit I always have troubles keeping it tucked in though!
Nicolina: This is something that I’d definitely like to wear, maybe a navy simple sight up and down pencil skirt with a peach pink blouse, it is simple yet elegant, two wardrobe basics that are easy to pair up with other things and just look great without taking the attention unless your print takes it.
Simona: This combo looks nice. I would make it really long so that when tucked in it won’t come out. What do you think Silvia? Would making it longer might solve your problem?
Silvia: Simona, I should really follow your advice and simply make my shirt longer!
2913Silvia: I told you it was the jacket issue! There are 8 in this issue…certainly something for everyone…perhaps I would have preferred if they included also some dresses in this issue…
Nicolina: Hmm really don’t like blazers.
Simona: Cute jacket and just the way I like them. Not really sure about the denim used for the pants… Way too patch for my liking.

Silvia: Ok we are not here to comment on those sunglasses are we? I am not a fan of classic flower prints but I find that pairing such a loud print with plain white is not so bad, is it?
Skinny jeans seems to continue being popular…my very personal opinion is that very few people can get away with that style.
Simona: Well that’s what’s attracting my attention in this picture too. As if the outfit is made to emphasize the sunglasses not the other way around. I like the combination as well but I would have gone the other way. flowery pants and white jacket. But that’s just me.
Nicolina: There interesting. You have a point Simona… a friend of mine have a really nice pair of flowery trousers and I’m thinking about making a pair just because they’re flowery even if I hardly ever wear anything other the dresses.


Silvia: This month’s plus size is a gown. Gold is certainly not my favorite color and you would need to test the fit of those gathers at the bust area. Maybe in a different color it could be nice…By the way La mia boutique also issues a specific magazine for Plus sizes. The new issue is out now!
Nicolina: I’m thinking Ariel the Disney mermaid princess. Nothing I would wear but for the right person it might be gorgeous.
Simona: Not so sure! about this one. Just feels off!!.. Maybe it’s the color.



View Large Version

Silvia: Not the best issue I am afraid..Perhaps they had done a jacket special my expectations would have been different ;) Yet I use the same rule of thumb as for Burda Style. If I like at least two patterns and I don’t have anything similar in previous issues…it’s worth buying. In Italy it’s 4.9 euros (6.7USD/4GBP) and their patternmakers are professionally trained…you can’t beat that!
Nicolina:While it only contained 2 things I’m interested in making and I already own very similar patterns of the kimono style blouse and the pencil skirt. If you’re into blazers and think of making several with slightly different shape, go for it, otherwise, I’m not convinced.
Simona: I have seen better issues from them. Way to many jackets. After seeing these not sure I would actually buy this issue. Maybe in time it will grow on me but for now. Not good enough for me.

April 5, 2014
by Sewing Princess - Silvia

Meg Swansen Knitting Workshop in Biella, Italy April 12-13 – The Wool Box


Have you ever dreamed of a knitting workshop in Italy with Meg Swansen? Well, she will be in Biella, (northern) Italy next weekend! It´s her first time ever in Continental Europe…amazing.

If you are a long-time knitter you probably know everything about Meg Swansen, her mother Elizabeth Zimmermann and EPS Updated (an updated version of Elizabeth’s Percentage System).

I am afraid my knitting knowledge didn’t stretch that far :( But we can always learn, right?

I know it’s a bit last minute for those living far away, but I thought I should let you know…because if you are interested in a knitting workshop in a beautiful location, The Wool Box regularly organizes them.

Here is the Full Program. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014
A total of approx. 4 hours with one break
From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
EPS Updated (an updated version of Elizabeth’s Percentage System)
This course will focus on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s method for constructing knitted garments without seams. We will concentrate upon the necessary techniques involved: different ways to increase and
decrease, short rows & wrapping, false seams, different yoke styles (round, raglan, shirt-yoke, set-insleeve, etc.), and weaving the underarms.
We will work from the book, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop, Updated.

Sunday, April 13, 2014
A total of approx. 4 hours with one break
From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00p.m.
Knitting with two colors.
Meg Swansen will demonstrate various ways to hold 2 colors at once, and show ‘trapping’ for long carries, increasing and decreasing within color-pattern; Fair Isle patterns v.s.Scandinavian patterns;
Armenian knitting, etc. We will work from the book, Knitting with Two Colors by Meg Swansen

The course will be filmed.
Cost: two-day course 150 euros, one-day course 80 euros

Download the full Meg Swansen Workshop Program

I won’t be able to make it and actually I am not sure whether my knitting skills would be advanced enough for that…

In any case I am really intrigued by the course and I am thinking we could even organize a knitting camp over there some other time…Would you be interested?


Avete mai sognato di fare un corso di maglia in Italia con Meg Swansen? Non ci crederete ma sarà a Biella il prossimo weekend! E’ la prima volta che viene in Europa Continentale…incredibile

Se fate la maglia da tempo forse saprete tutto su Meg Swansen, su madre Elizabeth Zimmermann e EPS Updated (ovvero come costruire una maglia senza cuciture).

Purtroppo le mie competenze in materia di maglia non arrivavano a tanto :( ma si può sempre imparare, no?

So che è un po’ all’ultimo momento se abitate lontano, ma ho pensato di dirvelo…perché se vi interessa seguire un corso di maglia in una bellissima località, The Wool Box ne organizza regolarmente.

Qui di seguito il programma completo.  Ci sarà un’interprete e l’intero corso verrà filmato da una videocamera.

Sabato 12 Aprile 2014
Totale 4 ore ca. con pausa
Dalle 10:00 alle 14:00
EPS Updated (Il Sistema delle Percentuali di Elizabeth, aggiornato.)
EPS sta per “Elizabeth’s Percentage System è una guida alla relazione dimensionale per la realizzazione di una maglia. La dispensa è pensata per spiegare questo metodo discutendo ampiamente dei dettagli tecnici.
Questo corso verterà sul metodo di Elizabeth Zimmermann per la costruzione di capi in maglia senza cuciture. Si concentrerà sulle tecniche necessarie per questo metodo: i diversi modi di aumentare e diminuire le maglie, i ferri accorciati e le maglie avvolte, le cuciture finte, i vari stili di sprone (tondo, raglan, da “camicia”, manica a giro, ecc.) e come intrecciare le maglie sotto l’ascella.
Utilizzeremo come testo di riferimento, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop, Updated.

Domenica 13 aprile 2014
Totale 4 ore ca. con pausa
Dalle 10:00 alle 14:00
Lavorare a maglia con due colori.
Meg Swansen mostrerà: i vari metodi per tenere contemporaneamente i due filati di colori diversi; illustrerà il metodo “trapping” per lunghi passaggi di filo dietro il lavoro; come aumentare e diminuire le
maglie in un motivo a due colori; i motivi Fair Isle vs. i motivi scandinavi; la lavorazione armena, ecc.
Utilizzeremo come testo di riferimento Knitting with Two Colors by Meg Swansen.

Prezzo: 150 euro per due giorni  (75 euro per i biellesi)/ 80 euro per un giorno (40 euro per i biellesi)

Scaricate il programma completo

Io purtroppo non potrò andarci e in realtà non so neanche se serei all’altezza visto il mio livello.

In ogni caso il corso mi incuriosisce molto…e per questo stavo pensando…sarebbe bello organizzare un workshop di maglia da loro…vi interesserebbe?

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