Azerbaijan pants and leather bag

Five months went by since my last post. I made a few more on Instagram but overall I’ve been rather absent. The pandemic and working from home have drastically reduced the need for new clothes…not to mention I haven’t been feeling like sewing much. In the past I used to go to my sewing room nearly every day…now months went by without sewing a single stitch. I have come to accept this phase…more or less. That’s why I haven’t been able to post much. Maybe you feel the same.

Despite the lack of sewing activity, sewing is still on my mind and I regularly follow what others are up to. That’s how I got inspired to finally sew these pants and bag!

This very flashy fabric is very special to me. It’s a gift and comes all the way from Azerbaijan! You can’t really see it from the pictures but it’s quite shiny and has a silky feel on the top and a cotton back. It’s actually made of narrow panels.

Ever since I got it I knew I wanted to make pants and I needed I simple pattern to avoid breaking the motif. When I finally got inspired to make them last year…and chose my trusty La mia boutique pants pattern I realized the panels were too narrow to fit the back pattern piece! So, I got demotivated and parked the project for a whole year

Then suddenly one day…the solution came thanks to a post on Instagram! a fellow sewing enthusiast posted a nifty trick that can be a life saver in these cases…you basically cutout a triangle section from the crotch area and piece together two pieces of fabric…it’s invisible as you can see by looking at my back. Finally my pants came to life!

Then several weeks later…I got inspired to sew a leather bag… I bought this and other beautiful leather pieces years ago from Lagarzarara a fantastic supplier from Italy’s leather and show district. I chose a simple design that didn’t require any hardware…the pattern is self drafted.

For the lining I used some leftovers from my pants…a subtle details that only us seamstresses can appreciated ;o)

So…here it is…a new post, two projects…this weekend some sewing is actually in the cards…I need to finish a shirt for my sister.

I hope you’re all well. I’d love to read your comments to hear how you are doing. I will be back as soon as inspiration strikes again…or if I manage to get my sister to pose for pictures.

10 thoughts on “Azerbaijan pants and leather bag

  1. The whole world has been turned upside down. I think it would be extremely unusual if our routines and habits DIDN’T change, so it’s no wonder you haven’t been feeling too much like sewing!
    Your projects came out great. Too bold for me to wear here, but I would wear them in Spain or Italy without a doubt.
    Stay well. Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

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    1. It’s nice to hear from you Kate. Thanks so much. I hope you are also doing well. Yes it’s a bit on the bold side…when I first got it I wasn’t too sure how they would turn out. Sometimes I like crazy prints 😊


  2. Las telas regaladas siempre son especiales. Muy chulos los pantalones, aunque no he entendido muy bien el arreglo.
    Las rachas de coser van y vienen como todo en la vida. Encantada de volver a verte, siempre con un placer tus posts. Besos


  3. Those pants are soooo yummy!! I totally get you regarding sewing – or the lack there of! I go through periods of mad production and then nothing. I feel a bit lost sometimes with all of what’s going on.


  4. Nice pants and bag. I sewed a lot early on in the pandemic but lost all motivation when I no longer needed new clothes. I still don’t have the motivation back. Oh well, maybe later.


    1. Thanks Vicky! I see it’s many of us sharing the same feelings. Maybe it is good to sew less and use more of what we have. I haven’t worn some of my clothes for 2 summers just because of this new situation 😳


  5. It’s lovely to see you posting again!

    I’m exactly the same. I’m knitting more than sewing. During lockdown having the children at home all the time means nothing gets done (we’ve been working on the hallway since just before the pandemic began and STILL are nowhere near finished) and now we’re in the middle of the long summer break and the weather is atrocious here (lots’s of rain or too hot to move!).

    I’m trying to take each day as it goes and if I get to sew it’s a bonus. I’m hoping for a bit of time come the new academic year where hopefully I’ll get some decorating done, some curtains made and some garment sewing too. But making no plans.

    Keep safe and healthy, my lovely friend. That’s the big priority at the moment.


    1. Hi Evie! Thanks for your kind message. While I am sure you are eager to get back to regular routine as this homeschooling must have really taken a toll on you as parents I hope it has also given you some precious time with the kids. I saw your recent outings and they looked fun. Also it seemed like the weather got a bit better, right?

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