1609 Jiffy 1960’s Simplicity – Ready for a White Christmas!

I love the 60s… So this 1609 Jiffy 1960’s Simplicity pattern has been on my wish list forever.  The pattern is quite similar to one of my favorite Burda patterns . The Jiffy pattern has an additional bust dart, center front seam, less flare at the skirt and a crew neckline.

One thing that the two patterns have in common is the huge ease! I went down my usual 2 sizes to get the correct fit. The pattern has a 3.5 inches (9 cm) ease at the waist/hip and 1.5 (4) at the bust (which some consider reasonable)!

Adoro gli anni 60…per questo il cartamodello 1609 Jiffy 1960’s Simplicity era li’ in attesa da tempo. Il cartamodello e’ simile ad uno dei miei preferiti di Burda. Il cartamodello Jiffy ha una pince aggiuntiva sul seno, cucitura sul centro davanti, gonna meno svasata ed e’ a girocollo. 

Quello che i due cartamodelli hanno in comune e’ una vestibilita’ eccessiva! Come al solito ho cucito due taglie in meno della mia. Il cartamodello ha un margine di vestibilita’ di 9 cm al punto vita/fianchi e di 4 al seno (che alcuni considerano non eccessivo)!


As you can probably see from the picture, I also needed to take in the center seam towards the top. It was the first time I needed such an adjustment.

Come forse riuscite a vedere dalle foto ho dovuto stringere la cucitura centrale verso il collo. E’ la prima volta che faccio una modifica del genere.


For this dress I used a white cotton piqué from Supercut that is fairly firm….so perfect for a structured dress (not recommended for anything that needs draping).

Per questo vestito ho usato un piqué di cotone preso da Supercut. E’ un tessuto abbastanza pesante quindi perfetto per un vestito strutturato come questo (non lo consiglierei per un capo che abbia bisogno di caduta).
Speaking of the 60s, today I was thrilled to find out Burda is coming out with a vintage issue dedicated to this decade! If you’re interested there’s a preview on the French website and a behind the scenes video. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Apparently it’s already out in Spain, France and Germany.

A proposito di anni 60, oggi sono stata contentissima di scoprire che Burda sta pubblicando un numero speciale su questa decade. Se vi interessa potete vedere l’anteprima sul sito francese e un video con il dietro le quinte. Non vedo l’ora di prenderne una copia. Sembra sia gia’ in vendita in Spagna, Francia e Germania.


Time to get the Christmas tree ready 😉

E’ ora di preparare l’albero di Natale 😉

19 thoughts on “1609 Jiffy 1960’s Simplicity – Ready for a White Christmas!

  1. Impressive fit on the back! How do you manage to do it? This dress would look great with lots of colourful accessories, don’t you think? The new Burda Vintage looks intriguing, I have to wait and see all the models with their technical drawings.


    1. I was just lucky Inna! Once I choose the smaller size it didn’t require any adjustments at the back…a small victory after so many back adjustments on Belladone. I like the idea of adding colorful accessories. I actually think I will make another version of this dress!


  2. Ciao! Modello interessante, a volte le cose semplici sono quelle che si sfruttano di più!
    Sono entusiasta per la notizia del numero speciale, l’anno scorso era uscito quello sugli anni 50 e se non ricordo male era uscito a dicembre…


  3. Gorgeous. Sei bella! I like this and the deer and doe dress! You do a great job centering the fabric print and making the print symmetrical at the seams. Brava! I am living in Crespi d’Adda. I would like to purchase a sewing machine for use at home. Can you recommend a place between Bergamo and Milano where I can purchase a sewing machine?


    1. Thanks so much for your comment Wendy! I’m afraid I can’t reccommend a place nearby. However, you do have several options. For example, if you go to Bernina website and type your town name you’ll find several stores http://www.bernina.com/it-IT/Ricerca-rivenditore-IT. They are usually sell other brands. In Bergamo I found this http://www.bergamocucito.com/prodotti.htm and in Milan http://www.macchinepercuciremilano.eu/ but I have never been there.
      If are looking for online, you can try Shopty.com, Cecilia Cardano o even Amazon.it or even other countries and get it shipped.
      Sorry I couldn’t be more specific


      1. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I did send an inquiry to Singer and the company suggested il negozio Testa Cristian in Bergamo. So I went there today and came home with a Singer Confidence. I paid a lot more than I would have in San Luis Obispo, California but I am not in San Luis Obispo! I am in Crespi d’Adda! and I love it here. I am glad that I went to negozio Testa Cristian for a number of reasons. 1. The sales woman, Anna, was most helpful and very knowledgeable about sewing! She was very thorough in demonstrating the machine, and her English was excellent. (So que debo imparare l’italiano ma faccio molti errori. Scrivo nell’inglese perche non è bello vedere lo che scrivo in italiano) She also took her time, wasn’t in a hurry, even though there was a regular stream of customers that she helped, in addition to helping me. 2. Seeing all the customers also indicated to me that the store had a loyal clientele. 3. If I have questions or need help, I can return to the store. I wouldn’t be able to do this if I purchased the machine at a grocery store, an electronics store or online. 4. I could have continued to look for a less expensive machine but probably would not have found anything for less. Thanks again. Enjoy your sewing! I enjoy your blog!


      2. Wendy, I am so excited for you! I’m happy you found nice people at the store. Unfortunately, as you found out prices tend to be higher than in the US on pretty much anything. If you’re interested from time to time I organize sewing meetups (the first was in Milan and second in Vicenza), I’d be happy if you could join us too. I always post it on the blog. And in Bergamo there’s a nice craft fair (Creattiva). Thanks again for stopping by my blog. Don’t hesitate to write if you need any info. Happy sewing on your brand new machine!


      3. I would like to join in the meetups! They sound super! I’m sorry to have missed the meetup in Milan (when was it?) I just missed your Vicenza meetup. I arrived in Europe on the 19th of October. I’m returning to California on 31 December, but will be in Lombardia again after March or April. If you have an idea when and where you are organizing your next meetup, I will try to plan accordingly!


      4. Our first meetup was in March in Milan. I think we may organize another one in March or just before Easter. In any case, as a few of us live within an hour or two from Milan we could always organize a smaller get together when you’re back. Just drop me an email when you know for sure and we’ll put the party machine in motion 😉


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