Wardrobe essentials: black turtleneck Burda 09/2012 104A

As much as I try to have some nice dresses in my wardrobe…I also love wearing practical items…like a pair of jeans and a top! When I saw the Burda 09/2012 104A  (it’s the shorter version) pattern I thought I should give it a try.
I don’t know if you have the same issue…but I tend to buy Burda magazine and then never make any of the garments…which is a waste I feel. So I thought I should revert the trend!

The top is a nice wardrobe builder…reminds me of Tasia’s Renfrew top…even more so since I used the same technique for the cuffs!

I used my usual size 38…but didn’t add any seam allowance and simply serged the seams. I slimmed down the sleeves a bit. I hemmed the top with an elastic stitch…my twin needle was acting up and I decided it wasn’t worth loosing my mind over that…I might use this technique again.
By the way…I read aninteresting article on how to finish knits…that included zig-zag stitches, overlock stitch, elastic stitch…and a lot more…but I can’t seem to find the link (Update: thanks Evie! here is the finishing techniques link)

What I like about this pattern: the fitted waistline
What I don’t like: The front armscye area…there is a bit of gaping (courtesy of my forward shoulders!) but I wasn’t quite sure how to fix it on a knit top… If you know of any technique…let me know.

What’s your favorite wardrobe essential?

14 thoughts on “Wardrobe essentials: black turtleneck Burda 09/2012 104A

  1. Oooh this is lovely. It’s great to have quality basics as well as the pretty stuff in our wardrobes.
    Would it be the “stretch yourself” series over at MadMim that you’re thinking of. It’s been so informative and inspirational. If this isn’t the one, I’d recommend you take a look.


  2. Your top is lovely. I agree with you on the Burdas, actually this year I´m not buying any and fucus on old mags, burdas and Patrones too. Thank you so much for the link, I can use that, my knit finishes are terrible!


  3. I live in turtle necks during winter…,this looks great wardrobe builder. For the toward shoulder, same adjustment… Drop a cm or so from the neck base…


  4. What a great basic! I’ve been wearing turtlenecks all winter — would be great to make a couple of them, but I’m terrible at sewing knits! I blame it on the fact that I don’t have a serger, but I know it’s probably because I shy away from sewing them. I need to give it a go again! Your flower pin is really pretty!


  5. Very nice basic, and I like the fact that it’s got a nice shape to it (as opposed to most store bought tops that are just straight tubes). I can relate to your Burda magazine problem. I bough a ton of Patrones magazines when I was in Chile a couple of years ago and have made not a single thing from them. I’m mostly turned off by the lack of clear instructions… maybe I should give them a go again. My favourite wardrobe builder? Cardigans!


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