Handmade presents for newborn: Open Wide Pouch & Bapron

Open Wide Pouches
Recently two friends had babies and I wanted to make a present no only for the baby…but also for their mom… So I thought pouches would be a good idea to carry around bits and bobs in a tidy fashion and would go nicely with an embroidered bapron.

Bapron & Open Wide Pouch

Anna from Noodlehead has recently released a very nice tutorial for these open wide pouches…and the bags come in three sizes (have a look at her most recent version with Dear Stella fabric. I thought it would make a nice gift.

Open Wide Pouch
So I combined denim and contrasting fabric I had in my stash (stashbusting anyone?) and came up with these. I am not going to lie to you…it took me much longer than expected to finish those. It took me a whole afternoon just to cut the 23 pieces of fabric I needed and way to long to sew them up (including time for mistakes attaching the zipper) …clearly I am not as fast as Andrea who can pull together all these fantastic items for the Christmas fair


Do you also find yourself underestimating the time you need to finish a project?

4 thoughts on “Handmade presents for newborn: Open Wide Pouch & Bapron

  1. Your pouches are adorable, as are the aprons. Do you machine embroider them? (I.e. did you end up getting the fancy embroidery machine last year?). As for cutting, yes it can be tedious. I use a rotary cutter, wide quilting ruler and self healing mat and often cut two or three layers at a time – it goes much faster this way! I’m sure these lovely gifts will be cherished by your friends.


  2. I always give a present to the mother to the mother too – they’ve the one that’s done and are doing all the hard work afterall! Those bags will be very useful in keeping track of all the bits and pieces that you need for yourself and a baby when carrying out a billion things…..

    I can sometimes make involved projects rather quickly and feel like a sewing superstar, but then the simple projects take way longer than I had originally thought and I quickly come back to earth ha ha ha


  3. What lovely gifts. I’m sure your friends will be delighted! I do like these Open Wide Pouches…much easier to get into. I have to admit that I always underestimate how long something will take me. This is probably a good thing, however, because I suspect otherwise nothing would ever get started!


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