New dress for the new year: Burda 122 09/2010

Burda 122 09/2010

Happy new year!

Though the dress was totally not planned for the new year…I managed to finish it on time and wear it on New Year’s Eve. You’ve probably seen this pattern before (I made the skirt pattern last year). It’s Burda 122 09/2010…that’s been on my to-sew list for over 2 years.

And it’s not like I didn’t have the fabric in my stash!

Unlike the skirt pattern, the dress was made for shorter ladies…which was very helpful to avoid ending up with the bust line on my waist 😉

Burda 122 09/2010

Despite the shorter length (I made a size 19…which is the short equivalent of the 38) and my not having adding any hem allowance… I still had to take up the hem quite a bit…I always knew my problem was the leg length! Anyway….that’s another topic.

Burda 122 09/2010
As you may notice there are two different-colored grey bands on the skirt….that’s because the fabric is actually different… I bought a few meters of reversible fabric (double-knit?) in grey-light grey, grey-purple and grey-black…and this is what I had left. So tried to play a little with shades and add a hint of color by turning around the purple band you see.

During the sewing process I came as far as adding purple sleeves but I wasn’t so convinced about it …I even asked for advice via my Twitter account (2 votes against, 1 for it) so here is the result! Ah…the sleeve hem is just serged (lazy option) so I can turn the sleeves up for more purple.

Another project off my list… and I think I am in love with double-knit!

By the way…I declare my blog open for constructive criticism. If you see anything that should be improved in my makes please do tell me… I would really appreciate it!

21 thoughts on “New dress for the new year: Burda 122 09/2010

  1. Wow! You are starting the year in style! Love this dress, I´ve always have, and I made the skirt two years ago. That´s how I know that even the slightest imprecision cutting your fabric can be disastrous while working with this pattern. I agree, the purple sleeves could have work, but I think this is unique as it is. Hats off to you!


  2. What a great dress, and so flattering on you. The skirts seam lines make this a very interesting make and gray really is your colour. You weren’t joking about those fifty shades of gray! (By the way, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I read the books over the holidays – totally scandalous and totally hard to put down).


  3. Fabulous! I love the different shades of gray you used, and the one band of purple really pops. It’s a flattering style on you. Great shoes, as usual!


  4. More shades of gray! I like the design: very unusual and exquisite! Double knit feels so nice agains the body! I’d wear this dress with contrasting or bright tights and/or shoes.


  5. happy new year Silvia! the dress is just lovely! For it’s lenght I may short it just 1 inch or two up the knee because I’m petite and long pencil dress are not for me 🙂


  6. You look absolutely fabulous in this dress! And it look so professional – easily mistaken for an expensive designer dress. The fit looks perfect. Congratulation on a great make!


  7. That dress looks super comfy, which is not always easy to find in a dress. The splash of color at the top is great and would have looked fabulous running in the skirt as well. I may be bias though as I love purple!

    The contrasting fabrics on top half of skirt is unique and definitely gives it some personality. I am a short person myself, barely a 26″ inseam, so any pattern made for shorties, I am definitely a fan off (even when I know I still would still need to bring the hem up quite a few inches). I am very new to sewing and in will be a long time before I am altering patterns too as far as creativity goes.


  8. What a lovely dress and the fit is impeccable! Just discovered your blog from searching for sewing blogs and can’t wait to dig around and see what all you’ve made. Great work!


  9. I love how this dress turned out! I know you didn’t plan it, but having the contrasting greys ended up making the dress more unique and stylish. And good choice sticking with the grey sleeves, the purple band at the top is a great touch, but I think if the sleeves were purple too it would have been too much. looks lovely on you.


  10. I’ve had my eye on this dress and skirt ever since I bought the mag. It’s great to see it made up especially with the added colour block. Really good look.


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