La Mia Boutique 10/2018 Review-Recensione

I have just realized I haven’t posted any reviews in 6 months! Time to remedy that! Here is the new La Mia Boutique issue that was published 10 days ago. Both the cover jacket and pants are included in the magazine. I like the fabric they chose for the short jacket though I always have issues with shoulder pleats. I think I would rather wear the jacket over a dress. What about you?

How could I not include a Chanel suit??? I like how this one is more fitted than your typical Chanel pattern the design lines get lost in the busy print but just check out the tech drawing to see it. This kind of jacket is still on my to-do list…I made one recently and wasn’t too happy with the result. I am very tempted…

Nothing much to say about the skirt other than you can play with the contrast waist and embellish it with some piping or…?

I love the structure you get with scuba fabric…the design line is not bad but I am worried about the volume you would get around your waist…certainly perfect to wear when you plan to eat load of cake!

This one is meant to be a mini dress…to me it’s more like a tunic. I like the contrast design and back opening…the color would be a killer for me…not in a good way ;o)

Do I remember correctly this plum code is THE COLOR of the next season? I haven’t checked back. Anyway I actually like it! I would go for the top as it’s a fast sew and have made this style before. Ok it’s not very original but a basic you could make in many colors/print and requires minimal fitting…can you tell I became a lazy seamstress???

Another mini dress…which still seems too short for me despite my height! I like that it’s a quite original design and lets you play with color blocking. What’s your take? This outfit is absolutely not my style…though black tones it down there’s too much fabric, too many ruffles…I don’t know too much volume!Here is the full pattern list…Another pattern that caught my attention is jacket 26…it’s 2 sizes too big for me so I wouldn’t make it…but if you wear a 46-52 have a closer look! Just click on the pattern to enlarge!

And now it’s time to get sewing!

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