Honey Cowl: Argentina dreaming

Honey-CowlHoney Cowl is probably one of the most popular cowl patterns (together with Gaptastic cowl) on Raverly. It was on my knitting list even before I took up knitting! I won’t dwell on the details…It’s the short version. No changes!

Il modello Honey Cowl è tra i più amati su Raverly (insieme al Gap-tastic cowl). Era sulla mia lista di progetti prima ancora che cominciassi a fare la maglia! Non mi soffermo sui dettagli…è la versione corta, senza modifiche.


I used a super soft wool from The Wool Box…when I saw it I had to have it… It’s natural combed wool from Argentinian Pampas. It was a dream to work with it and very soft against the skin. I believe it would be perfect even for children.

Ho usato una lana morbidissima di The Wool Box…quando l´ho vista non ho potuto resistere…è una lana naturale pettinata della Pampas Argentina. E’ un filato fantastico da lavorare ed è morbidissima sulla pelle. Sarebbe perfetta per i bambini.


You see, that’s what I had in my mind while I was knitting…the gorgeous Patagonian scenery from a trip I took some years ago. I thought I’d share some pictures straight from my camera, without any filter.

Ecco quello che avevo in mente mentre facevo la maglia…i fantastici paesaggi della Patagonia di un viaggio che ho fatto anni fa. Ho pensato di farvi vedere qualche foto, senza alcun filtro.

elcalafate_lagoAmazing sunset…and those vast spaces.

I fantastici tramonti e quegli spazi immensi.

glacier-argentinaThe icebergs…to get an idea of the size compare with the boat  peeking out.

Gli iceberg…per avere un´idea della dimensione confrontatele con quelle della barca.

elcalafateIt was absolutely the most scenic trip I have ever taken…I’d love to go back some day!

I am curious: what is the most memorable place you ever visited?

Il viaggio più bello paesaggisticamente che abbia mai fatto…mi piacerebbe proprio tornarci un giorno!

Sono curiosa: qual è stato il posto più bello che avete visitato?

9 thoughts on “Honey Cowl: Argentina dreaming

  1. Cute cowl! Makes me want to take up knitting too!

    In terms of natural scenery, the most stunning place that immediately comes to mind is a river gorge in northern Japan – the name is Geibikei. It is a river with tall cliffs on both sides, and long traditional boats, steered by singing “gondoliers” take visitors through the gorge to a little beach. Huge carp swim below and fish occasional leap out of the water. I remember seeing a shrine carved into the side of one cliff. It is near Hiraizumi, in Iwate Prefecture, and I don’t think photos do it justice!


  2. I see that you are becoming a knit-addict! The cowl should be very warm, especially coming from the Argentinian Pampas!
    Answering your question, the Grand Canyon is the first thing that comes to mind.


  3. Es precioso ese cuello y luce muy suave, tan confortable… yo aún no he viajado fuera de España, pero de hacerlo me gustaría hacer realidad especialmente mi sueño de conducir en un descapotable por la ruta 66. Ains… creo que moriré de viejita sin cumplirlo, jeje


  4. Look at you being a superstar knitter. Great cowl and in that colour I bet you get lots of use from it. As for the most memorable place I have visited, well, hard to pick just one but Costa Rica has got to be in the top five. The geographical diversity is great and it was also a very safe place to travel alone. Peru is also memorable, but for entirely different reasons 🙂


  5. Lovely cowl! And thank you for sharing those wonderful photos. I’ve always wanted to go there. As for a memorable place, New Mexico is one of my faves — when you drive there, it is obvious how Georgia O’Keeffe was inspired by the landscape.


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