Polka dot Wrap sweater/cardi Burda 01/2012-116a

Aren’t these the longest ties you’ve ever seen? And even shortened them!
I wanted to make a wrap cardi for my flamenco classes. Alessa kindly sent me the perfect fabric! So I feel very ashamed to show a top that didn’t turn out well.

Non sono i lacci più lunghi che abbiate mai visto? Li ho anche accorciati!

Volevo uno scaldacuore per flamenco. Alessa mi aveva anche spedito la stoffa perfetta! Quindi mi sento un po’ inbarazzo a farvi vedere un top che non è venuto bene…

The pattern is Burda’s 01/2012 116a.  I even had to buy the pdf as I didn’t have any wrap cardi in my pattern library! It’s a size 38 at the shoulders and 36 everywhere else. I serged it so didn’t even add any seam allowance.

The back is nicely fitted as the center back seam is curved and there are two darts.

So all in all it’s a nice pattern…except for those ties! They are way too long!

E’ il modello Burda’s 01/2012 116a. Ho anche dovuto comprarlo in pdf perché non avevo neanche un modello di scaldacuore tra tutti quelli che ho! Ho cucito la 38 per le spalle e 36 altrove. Visto che ho usato la taglia e cuci non ho neanche aggiunto i margini di cucitura.

Il dietro è avvitato grazie alla cucitura curva sul centro e le due pinces.

 Quindi un bel modello tranne che per i lacci! Sono davvero troppo lunghi!

See how bulky it is at the waist? And there’s another problem: the fabric is printed so you have this unsightly mess when you try to wrap it!
And that’s not the only issue: the neckline is super floppy…I  serged  the neckline, then turned it and stitched it with an elastic stitch.

I don’t know why it turned out so badly! Should have I interfaced it?

Vedete quanto volume si crea in vita? E c’è un altro problema: la stoffa è stampata quindi si vede la parte bianca quando lo annodi.

E non finisce qui: la scollatura è rimasta lenta…ho rifinito tutto con la taglia e cuci, poi ho girato la cucitura e cucito con un punto elastico.

Non so perché sia venuta così male! Forse avrei dovuto rinforzarla con della teletta?


I really think I should shorten those ties!

Credo proprio di dover accorciarle i lacci!


Or put them over my shoulders…maybe not 😉

O metterli sulle spalle… forse meglio di no 😉

reunionOr use them to hug a friend who was also the ‘creative director’ for this photoshoot!

Well this project is clearly a failure…but  at least we had fun taking pictures!

Yes…Sewing failures happen…don’t give up!

Oppure usali per abbracciare un’amica che è stata anche il direttore artistico per queste foto!

Be’ questo top è un disastro…ma almeno ci siamo divertiti a fare le foto!

Ebbene sì…i disastri di cucito esistono…tenete duro!



15 thoughts on “Polka dot Wrap sweater/cardi Burda 01/2012-116a

  1. Looks like the ties are meant for a fluttering bow rather than wrapped around the waist over & over again. In any case, surely you can shorten them massively if you prefer bowless wrap top, no?

    The neckline looks a bit stretched. Maybe the neck edge need stabilizing? Try measuring the pattern neck edge & compare to your finished top, see if it has grown. If it has, maybe undo the edge & stabilize with Vilene Bias Tape cut to the length in the pattern (or the length you need for the front edge to hang close to your chest). Whether knit or woven, I find that wrap front is at risk of stretching – knit because cut edges are just easy to stretch out, and woven because the wrap front edge is on the bias.

    As for the fabric being one-sided print, if the unprinted side doesn’t work for you in designs that show both sides, maybe you can find a matching / contrasting fabric to use as edge-to-edge lining? I’d try to find fabric with similar drape & stretch.


  2. A mi me gusta, Silvia! Te digo como Pia, igual queda mejor atadito en una lazada.
    Las fotos son estupendas, diselo de mi parte a tu directora creativa 🙂


  3. Pia is right – shorten the ties and maybe make them more narrow, redo the neckline using a soft interfacing and it will become a different top 🙂


  4. I believe Your main problem is Your fabric Choice. There isnt enough spandex, not enough stretch. Try using a thinner more stretchy jersey like rayon spandex or ITY jersey knit.

    In the neckline use Clear swim suit elastic ( on the wrong side of fabric). Just put it flat on Your fabric, not stretching it much, (maybe a tiny stretch, but only tiny). After that you can finnish Your neckseam. Eather by turning it double under or using a strip of stretch ribbing as “binding”.

    I believe Your results would be very much better With a different fabric. Try again, you might find you like it With a very super light weight stretchy jersey. Good Luck 🙂


  5. Hello! Silvia- I like the photos -they are so cool) I alo like the colour of the fabric -it matches your hair perefectly. The cardie really needs some tweaking ( I see no point in repeating the advice given above). Defifnitely, you should wear it – it’s yours)


  6. Aww! I love the idea of a polka-dotted wrap top! Too bad this one didn’t really work out, but at least you’re taking it with humour (haha, the ties over the shoulder… 😉
    I think wrap tops (and dresses) are really challenging to make, especially in a drapey jersey fabric. I recently tried The Perfect Wrap Dress, my second try on a wrap dress, and it has the same problems with gaping and too-long-seeming ties as the first one that I drafted myself. One had a facing and one had a binding, so that wasn’t the answer, either. I haven’t given up yet, though! I think my next one will have a lining for the bodice and maybe clear elastic in the neckline seam between outer fabric and lining…?


  7. Ugh, sorry it didn’t turn out. A wrap top in polka-dotted red is a great idea! I’ve had trouble with ALL the wrap tops I’ve tried, with various different pattern companies. With wrap patterns in general, I think it’s very hard to get the proportions just right (with the right length of tie and a non-floppy neckline) and get it to work on every shape.


  8. Oh, no! I’m sorry this was a flop, but glad to hear you had fun during the photo shoot. I sure love the background – that triangle pattern would make a great fabric print, don’t you think?


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