La Mia Boutique 06/2014 Review


This La Mia Boutique issue comes with double apologies: sorry for missing May review and sorry for not having a guest reviewer. I hope to resume normal service as of next issue.

This issue is very summery and (as it says on the cover) it includes easy patterns you can quickly make for the summer…you’ll see. The cover dress is nice I find. The midriff is exactly how I wanted to make my wedding dress and never succeeded to do! The skirt is half circle so quite easy to assemble. And the back is shirred.


There are two bathing suits on this issue. This one is quite classic. I never attempted bathing suits…but I know there are fans out there. Unfortunately it comes in quite small sizes…I am hoping on the next summer issue they will include larger ones too!


I am totally in love with this outfit…especially the blouse (I would even buy that pink silk if I only knew where to find it!!!) …I have some fabric in my stash waiting to find the suitable pattern…Shall I give it a go?

I find the pleated skirt very cute too. Unfortunately I have no idea where I could find white rayon. Any clues?


This outfit is probably not innovative…But I always appreciate basics…you always need them and a nicely fitted top is a great wardrobe builder.


This top reminds be of Sewaholic’s Pendrell Blouse Very cute! I can’t say the same about the harem pants…except for the nice fabric…


Infinite dress anyone? Basically it’s a circle skirt with two strips of fabric attached. You can arrange the straps for different looks…the above version is quite revealing…but you could arrange as below….which would be my preference for sure.




Clearly this issue is all about showing your back. I know it’s not something everyone likes to do….But I have to admit I am quite tempted by this top. The issue is always could I wear my bra…and most importantly…where to? Certainly not to work 😉 But I am thinking that it’s an easy pattern to make and with a skirt as here or nice trousers you could easily wear the outfit for a party/going to wedding/you name it.

The skirt as an elastic at the waist…pity I would say! Not my cup of tea!


Swoon…I love this dress and all the accessories and shoes! It’s marked as advanced. Doesn’t it remind you of something Monica Bellucci would wear?


What is with that apron on those pants? I would probably end up pinning pins to it while I sew! But if you remove it you have a nice pair of trousers.

The top is cute though…minimal fitting required, cute gathers.


And now this is when I wish a pattern came in my size…from the plus size section I love these cache-coeur/wrap cardis….I am totally biased here since I looked through my entire pattern collection last week and ended up having to buy Burda Wrap sweater 01/2012

All in all I think this is a very nice La Mia Boutique issue…except for the Monica Bellucci dress and the Pink blouse perhaps it’s not super innovative…but then again (and sorry for touching on a somewhat sensitive topic) loads of indie patterns I see these days are pretty basic yet the blog-sphere loves them. It’s a bit unfair, don’t you think?


One thought on “La Mia Boutique 06/2014 Review

  1. A few cute basics in this one. And there’s nothing wrong with basics if they’re cut fashionably. Agree a lot of the Indies look rather basic as well. Which may be why I haven’t tried them either. Especially as I can now get Big4 & the magazine based patterns more cheaply. And I don’t really need hand-holding that some of the Indies seem to provide. I think the only reason I’d buy Indies is if they come ready for my precise shape & size, which unfortunately is highly unlikely to happen. Alternatively the design is sophisticated enough for the more adventurous like me.

    I have a convertible dress like #15. I don’t know, I think I’m over them now. They sound really good in theory. But I find them hard to wear in real life. Risk of over-exposure is high! Make sure you get a good roll of fashion / toupe tape if you do make & wear one! 😉

    #25 Pants is rather unfortunate. The apron could have worked if it wasn’t so half-hearted. One of my favorite designers in the past (Comme des Garcons) did apron pants a bit like this in the past, but the apron covers a lot more of the front if I recall correctly, the length as a bit shorter – maybe above the ankle. It looked cool on the not model thin showroom assistant who wore it. So that’s the other option – to go the other extreme, instead of removing the apron go full on apron. And do a MPB Peter!


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