Are you into haberdashery/notions? Meet Merchant and Mills

Merchant & Mills // English Drapers from We Are Shuffle on Vimeo.

Great video…love the music and photography.

‘Some of our customers gave up sewing in the 70s because it wasn’t a feminist thing to do…and they felt they were betraying their sex by being involved in something so frivolous

But now…it doesn’t look like a frivolous thing, it looks like a weighty thing…so those women those women can now come back to sewing and say


I love this quote! Should design a mug!

If you don’t know their products yet, check out the Merchant and Mills shop  They are a British brand. It’s not cheap by any means…but the design is great…and they seem to sell patterns and clothes too now.  I love their Seamstress mug

5 thoughts on “Are you into haberdashery/notions? Meet Merchant and Mills

  1. Thank-you for posting this video about the team at Merchant and Mills. I have ordered 2 of their dress patterns and await their arrival. I really like their concept and I am so pleased that they are giving sewing at home the real respect that it deserves.


  2. Yes! I love them. Got some notions from Raystitch once, but I was looking at their site some days ago, I am tempted to order some chambray that looks great, and also the oilcloth bag sewing kit is lovely, I think the look of those product is fabulous, recall vintage sewing memories of my both grandmother, I guess this is their success. Any way the sewing thimble I own is perfect 🙂


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