Beach Weekend A-line Skirt

A-line skirt cover

Two weeks ago we took a drive to the Abruzzi coast region (250 miles/600 km from home) for a wedding. The day after, I simply couldn’t pass on the opportunity for a day at the beach in Francavilla al Mare (you can see the exact location via Street View if you are curious). I hadn’t put my feet in salty water for over 3 years! Though this is not the Caribbean nor Sardinia beach, I was super happy to take a plunge…also because I hadn’t been on this particular beach since my teenage years, e.g. not long ago…in case you are wondering 😉

Francavilla al mare beach

And of course, it was a perfect opportunity to show you my new A-line skirt with yoke by Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch and show you around a bit of this part of Italy.


The pattern is a very easy to sew and I like that you have a yoke instead of the usual darts. The a-line is not too flared which is also nice. And you can add patch pockets! Let me reassure you that the pocket design matching was out of pure luck…I just cut them and they happened to match! One thing I didn’t quite like about this pattern is that the front and back are the same size. According to all pattern drafting books I read and courses I took the back is supposed to be slightly smaller. This means that the back is gaping. Of course, I didn’t notice until the skirt was done (I wonder why I keep on trying on garments while I make them if I don’t notice such issues!) and have been too lazy to take it apart…though I know I should.


Craftsy Sweet Summer Sale 7/17-7/21 is now on. It includes How to draft an A-line skirt course. You can learn from Deborah herself for 9.99 $ (approx. 7 €).


The fabric is Designer Stretch cotton canvas from Minerva Crafts. Some time ago I joined their blogger challenge and they were kind enough to select me. The fabric is fairly heavy weight but soft and slightly stretchy. So it was just perfect for a skirt project that needs a bit of structure. I didn’t even need to interface the yoke.

The town of Crecchio

Though time at hand was very limited, we managed to visit the town of Crecchio. You can imagine my astonishment when these sights appeared before my eyes


The main street was so cute and on a side street you could see this gorgeous house


Not to mention the town welcomes you with this gorgeous sunset and a fabulous castle famous for hosting King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy at the end of World War II when he was fleeing Italy after the armistice.


Have you packed your luggage yet? What if I tell you that this region is also renown for its wine and great food? Thankfully nobody asked me to choose between food and my sewing machine…it would be hard!

10 thoughts on “Beach Weekend A-line Skirt

  1. La falda te quedo muy bien! Las faldas A-line estilizan mucho, a mi me encantan!
    Menudas fotos más bonitas…que envidia me das! Yo hasta mediados de agosto estoy trabajando, así que me tengo que aguantar!
    Besos guapa!


  2. Great skirt — perfect for a beach weekend! I hate sewing darts so a yoke is something for me! Thank you for sharing your photos — what a gorgeous place!


  3. Your skirt is very cute!! I have never been to that part of Italy (the closest I’ve been I think is Urbino)), as I’m usually in Florence (my boyfriend and his family live there), but whenever I leave Italy it is exactly those things I miss: the architectural details in almost every town and the food (of course!). It looks like you had a nice weekend getaway. So envious! 🙂


  4. Lovely skirt! Glad you got to the sea. My need is to dip my feet in rivers!

    We have an apartment in Popoli, so know that area quite well. Gorgeous, with mountains & the sea!


  5. Your skirt is just lovely… and such a picturesque town! Reminded me of our trip through Italy last year, there is so much beauty where you live 🙂


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