Vintage Fabric Made in Italy – Want some?


Have you ever dreamed about sewing with real vintage fabric straight from Italy? Look what I found thanks to the wonders of the internet!




Some days ago I discovered Serena and her blog Ri-Twenty…and got fascinated when reading about her recent discovery: a small Italian fabric store owned by a 93-year-old woman who recently decided to reopen her long closed store as she got bored staying home…you can see the store on this post

Well, that to me is remarkable already…but there’s more…hidden inside her store there are bolts of fabulous Italian vintage fabric.



Serena was so fascinated that she decided to help the lady sell off the remaining fabric through the Internet. She posted the details, prices and you can have a look at the fabric selection by simply looking at her pictures. You will find not only cotton (as above) and voile (below) but also amazing Italian wool by Lanificio Lane Rossi, one from Marzotto and one from Pettinato Firenze and some polyester curtains. Serena is not doing this for profit (though the lady may give her a discount on her fabric purchases from time to time) and she will kindly reply all your questions about fabric weight and availability.



As you can see I couldn’t resist and bought some fabric that promptly arrived on Saturday…I am planning to make a circle skirt with the top fabric and a couple of tops for my mom and sis with the other two.

So if you are interested in vintage fabric, just have a look on Ri-twenty. I think it’s an amazing opportunity to shop from one of the few remaining Italian fabric stores and get your hands on something unique, vintage and Italian. Feel free to spread the word on your blog.



As we are on the vintage topic and I don’t have any other vegetables to show you 😉 I want to share a prize I recently won: my first two vintage patterns! I was really excited when Vicky Kate emailed me about it. Those designs…the silhouettes… they are just too cute.

IMG_1700And Vicky Kate also send me a nice card that I am planning to frame…it kind of reminds me of a long version of Gertie’s dress pattern for Butternick.


Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Vintage Fabric Made in Italy – Want some?

  1. Que maravilla!! Auténtica tela vintage!! Voy a curiosear un poco por allí y seguramente caerá algo para mi sewing-cueva… gracias por postear estos descubrimientos maravillosos, querida Silvia.


  2. Que iniciativa tan buena, y ole esa señora que a su edad decide reabrir la tienda. Yo de mayor quiero tener ese espíritu!
    Voy a echarle un ojo a las telas que tienen una pinta estupenda. Y a ver que te haces con esos dos patrones tan bonitos!


  3. Hi Silvia, thanks for your kind words; this morning I told Enza (the shop owner) about the initiative, and though she did not understand all the details she was moved 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing, it all looks very tempting. And I’ve just decided on a future career path – selling off my unused stash when I’m old and no longer sewing. All the more reason to keep adding to the stash!


  5. Thanks for sharing, it looks very tempting. And I’ve decided on a future career path – setting up a shop to sell my stash when I’m too old to sew. I’d better keep adding to the stash then!


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