Ready to dance!

Gallardo Flamenco Shoes

Though it’s not technically a sewing project…there is some sewing involved in making shoes…so I thought they can make an appearance on my sewing blog…

Gallardo Flamenco Shoes

I started taking flamenco classes again this year and I desperately needed new shoes…So I decided to get them from the famous Gallardo a Madrid based company that has been making flamenco shoes by hand since 1951.

Gallardo Flamenco Shoes

Flamenco shoes have nails on the tip and the heel…this is what allows you to make the unique sound. I have used them already twice…and you can really tell the difference in sound…now the instructor can finally hear my feet ;o)

Gallardo Flamenco Shoes

Deciding which shoes I would get was rather difficult…You can choose among many designs from Gallardo online store, pick the heel, width, choose between leather, suede or varnished finish…but the hardest for me was the color…I have always worn black flamenco shoes and I wanted to change. Red is a popular color…but I didn’t want to draw too much attention to my feet…and when I discovered they have two shades of grey…well…the choice was made and went with the lighter option….

Now…I am officially ready to dance…on May 25 I will actually be on stage! Till then I leave you with Sara Baras in a scene from Flamenco, the movie by Carlos Saura. Towards the end of the video you can see her gorgeous foot work…something to aspire to!


5 thoughts on “Ready to dance!

  1. Trate de dejarte un comentario sobre estos zapatos hace unos dias pero no funciono. Me encanta el color y el estilo del taco. Yo no sabia que los zapatos de flamenco llevaban clavos en las zuelas – que divertido y con razon que suenan tan bien! Espero que el recital salga muy bien y que nos cuentes todo despues!


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