RIP Google Reader WELCOME Bloglovin, Feedly and Flipboard

Follow me on BloglovinBy now you have probably heard or read that Google Reader will be discontinued from 1 July 2013.

That’s really annoying to say the least… but thankfully there are other options out there… and they are all pretty promising


I just signed up with them today and imported there all my existing google reader subscriptions. It was pretty fast and smooth

Just follow the instructions and it will be pretty quick

Exporting subscriptions from Google reader

Importing your subscriptions in Bloglovin

You can even claim your blog
So, I will be trying it out in the coming days…if you want to try it too, here is the link to add my blog to your subscription.

Follow on Bloglovin


A very nice, visual alternative to reader is Feedly

I was using it already on my phone when the news from google was announced. So, in a way I was prepared. I love it on the phone because you can smoothly flick through pages. The presentation is great.

Now they also have a browser version so if you can find a version for Firefox, Safari and Chrome (Internet Explorer is not supported)

UPDATE: I just discovered you can go through your posts using the keyboard shortcut ‘J’. Here are some other nifty Feedly settings


If you like reading on your phone or tablet, you can also try Flipboard. Again their presentation is great, very entertaining. It’s like flicking through magazine pages where the articles are your blog subscriptions posts.

Blogger and WordPress

Another alternative is to add your subscriptions to Blogger or WordPress. I particularly like WordPress’ feature that let’s you know when someone replied to a message you sent (thanks Evie!)

So…just to let you know there are quite a few options out there…and I am sure more will come. And we have no excuse to give up reading our favorite blogs!

6 thoughts on “RIP Google Reader WELCOME Bloglovin, Feedly and Flipboard

  1. I switched to Bloglovin’ two days ago and am having a very hard time getting used to it. Like Evie I think I’ll give feedly a go. Why would Google create such a mess for us? Ugh!


  2. Menudo fastidio cuando me enteré…yo todavía no sé que hacer….
    Te puedes instalar el blogloving en el movil? va bien? Parece que la mayoría de la gente se va a pasar al blogloving.


  3. Silvia, he comprado el Burda español de Abril y sales en la revista como finalista con tu vestido gris.
    ¡Enhorabuena! ¿Tienes forma de comprar esta edición en Italia? Si no puedes me lo dices y yo te lo mando.
    Un beso.


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