Winnie Lounge Pants

Winnie Lounge Pants

Does it happen to you that you keep on postponing fairly simple projects to venture in the most complicated endeavors? That’s what I have been doing for the past few months! I have been wanting to make lounge/pajama pants pretty much since I started sewing…and never put myself to it.

Winnie Lounge Pants
Finally I got tired of muslining and wanted to finish a real project…So I frankepatterned Maria Denmark’s Winnie wide-legged trousers and made these lounge pants! Basically I straightened the leg and widened the waistline to have enough width to pull the pants up…I should have widened them slightly more, though!

Winnie Lounge Pants - detail
For the shirred waistband I used Noodlehead’s shirred pajama pants tutorial

Winnie Lounge Pants - detail

The fabric is a bargain from Barcelona and it’s great because the design had the vertical stripes built in…so went against all sewing rules…and cut the waistband parallel to the selvage…and the vertical band on the left pant well, it’s just because the fabric wasn’t wide enough without it… But I like the result.

Winnie Lounge Pants

Wanna join me for a pajama party? Bring your cup of coffee…I’ll be waiting for you on the sofa!

Wish you and your families a nice Easter.

5 thoughts on “Winnie Lounge Pants

  1. Your pajamas turned out so nice – love the fabric and the shirring detail at the back. I usually use Amy Butler’s lounge pants for my pj bottoms but maybe next time I’ll have to think about adding that shirring. And yes, I’ll absolutely join you for a pj party 🙂


  2. Ooh, what a lovely pair of lounge pants. I really like the striped side panel, and the fabric really is pretty! I’ve also had lounge pants on my to-sew list for ages!
    I was actually thinking about asking you to have a coffee with me in Milano, but we had some troubles with out accommodation and changed plans, only spent a couple of nights near Varese and now I’m spending the rest of the holiday at my parent’s home, where it’s thankfully warm-ish and sunny, too. 🙂


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