13 – 3 – 13


Did you check the calendar? It’s 13/3/13 or 3/13/13 (depending on the country)

I thought it was a cool date…one to remember and celebrate. So tonight I will go on a dinner date at an Irish pub/restaurant with (maybe) live music…which is already quite unusual to find in Italy let alone where I live… and they really make nice food!

Are you doing anything special today? If not….take any day and turn it into a special one…just because!

Sewing update:

Recently I haven’t been posting much finished garments…not because I haven’t been sewing…but because I have been muslining (nice verb isn’t it?)

So here is what I am working on

  • basic blocks for Sew the perfect fit
  • a dress
  • learning how to make bound buttonholes…so cool!
  • need to start a muslin for my sis

Sewing disasters update:

Remember my serger? I had to ship it to the UK to get it fixed after it jammed…I got it back after 4/5 weeks…and was working like a charm, I was oiling her after every project. After I week’s break, I decided to use it again last Friday night at 10 p.m. to sew something quickly (working late seems to be bad luck…it’s already the second time!)…had to change threads… snipped, turned on the machine and bang after a few seconds it jammed AGAIN!

Anxiety struck AGAIN… I got teased for my reaction AGAIN… 🙂

So Saturday morning I got up early (quite unusual on a weekend) I drove to the local (well, 40 kms away) Bernina repair shop…hoping it would be something quick and easy to fix…just to find out the lower looper is bent and has to be replaced!

Of course the warranty has expired in the meantime…though I fear the previous repair was not as thorough as it should have been I have no way of really knowing… they never gave me a diagnosis before (nor did I ask!).

OK…at least it’s 13-3-13 and I am looking forward to the small celebration!

I wish you a great week

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