Sew the Perfect Fit

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After my cry for help I decided to seriously tackly my fit issues and sign up for the craftsy course by Lynda Maynard: Sew the perfect fit.

That’s what I have been working on for the past few weeks…muslin after muslin I am slowly perfecting my bodice.

WARNING…low-light pics ahead!

Sew the Perfect Fit

This is what I started with…It’s the muslin from a previously self-drafted pattern that I knew had issues.


The course makes you work from top down…so I tackled my worse problem…armhole fitting…See the gaping? It turns out I have prominent shoulder blades, rounded back and forward shoulder.

Sew the Prefect Fit

I tried two alterations…a dart and the extra fabric added….in the end I prefer the dartless option.

Although I couldn’t notice any further problems…Lynda pointed out the bust line is not parallel to the floor…so I had to slash and spread there. Then on the back I had to pinch out some fabric at the above-waist line…to compensate for the rounded shoulder adjustment and slight swayback. I had an ah-ah moment on this when I read on Fit for real people that this is the reason why a pattern may not fit you well despite your back length matching that of the pattern: the length is distributed differently on my body.

I am now tackling the sleeves….which is another interesting topic for me…hope to finish this weekend.

KEEP CALM AND MUSLIN ON is my current motto.

So…I am happy with this class. My advice if you sign up is to take loads of pictures and post them on Craftsy so that the instructor can give you feedback…she is clearly very experienced. And if you are lucky enough to leave near San Francisco…well her live fitting class would be on my must-do list.

Oh, and don’t forget you need to teach your partner how to put on pins…unless you have a sewing buddy or you put the zipper on the side seam


10 thoughts on “Sew the Perfect Fit

  1. I just signed up for the class. I have fully watched the lessons and now need to begin the muslin process. I am looking forward to it!


  2. So glad the class was helpful! I was wondering how the fitting process would be over the internet, but it sounds like it works as long as you take a lot of photos and have clearly marked lines on your muslin. Now you can move forward with your project!


  3. The husband is getting to grips with pinning…
    This muslin is really coming together and is worth the effort.
    I’m really looking forward to starting this course and hope I get such good results.


  4. Yes, Lynda’s course is brilliant, love the Craftsy platform as its interactive. Your progress looks really good!


  5. Hey Silvia. I found your blog a few weeks ago after searching “Help
    with fitting a bodice” and saw your post “Desperately seeking….” I am
    sick of my garments not fitting too and I have spent the last 3 months
    trying to get one to work, hence my search! I think we have similar
    fitting issues and I have also signed up for the Perfect Fit Class and
    am finding it really good. I’m about halfway through but I haven’t got
    my pattern yet and I am wondering if making some changes to my “demon”
    bodice will be good practice! I agree, the “extra fabric”bodice looks the best. Can I too use your moto? Remember – KEEP CALM AND MUSLIN ON!


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