Which Oscar dresses did you like?

I didn’t watch the Oscars cerimony…but I had a look at the dresses today!
Out of all the sparkle I chose these four…though some of them scored as the worse of the year…I still like them

Charlize Theron Oscar Dress

I love the structred look in Charleze Theron’s dress by Christian Dior Haute Couture. The cleavage is very low if I were to wear it…but I still like it.

Anne Hathaway Oscar dress

I am not much of a pink lady nor of outrageously low-cut backs…but I thought that if with an altered back bodice and a different color fabric (ok maybe you also need to work on those darts!) Anne Hathaway’s dress is actually very nice.

Anne Hathaway Oscar dress

Anne Hathaway Oscar dress (c) Huffington Post

Jennifer Aniston Oscar dress

Great Valentino dress. I would have put the bodice a bit higher…but overall is a very nice dress

Whoever this is…I love the simple lines of her dress…I would change the sash color though. But I am conviced that you can have a simple yet elegant dress for a celeb cerimony.

And now your turn! which ones did you like? Do you prefer sparkly dresses or simple lines?

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