Apron Skirt with a twist and Sew Grateful giveaway winners

Grey and Red – Apron Skirt by Paco Peralta

Though Valentine’s day was just this week…this outfit was not meant for that…it was just my way to give the grey Apron skirt a twist!

Grey and Red – Apron Skirt by Paco Peralta

A couple of weeks ago I promised to show you how versatile grey is…just in case you were thinking there’s only grey in my wardrobe by now…

And now onto the Sew Grateful giveaway winners…

PRIZE 1: Paco Peralta’s pattern and Paco’s special surprise goes to…

prize 1 winner

Please email me your shipping address so I can send you the skirt.

PRIZE 2: Maria Denmark’s pattern goes to…

prize 2 winner

Please send me your email address so I can send you the top.

Thanks to all of you for participating and sharing your grateful thoughts! I wish you a very productive sewing week

8 thoughts on “Apron Skirt with a twist and Sew Grateful giveaway winners

  1. Thank you, Silvia, for drawing my name!
    I love your apron skirt; It looks fabulously made and flatters you wonderfully. And I admire your tights.
    I must admit I originally raised my eyebrows at the pattern’s line drawing, but I think it is misnamed (or I have some archaic ideas about aprons).
    I hope my fingers are working better today; the typos I made in my first comment are making me blush.
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway.


  2. zomg I have that same orange sweater but without the wrap at the front. Thick rib with full sleeves-it’s heck-old but I hang on to it because my mum got it for me all those ages back XD Also, cool tights, where’re they from?


  3. I totally have tights envy 🙂 Love the way you’ve styled that skirt (and it fits you so well!). I try not to wear gray because it’s not the best colour on me but I have a very generous cut of double knit is charcoal gray and I was thinking just yesterday that I could make a dress and wear it with a red cardigan to add a bit of colour and then I saw your post and it convinced me to do just that.


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