Sew Grateful Giveaway

Dear friends…I am totally late with the Sew Grateful Giveaway schedule but I thought this was not a reason to prevent me from hosting a giveaway anyway!

Sew Grateful Week

Here is what I am offering as a sign of my gratitude to my lovely readers and all the fantastic people I have met through the blog…my sewing life wouldn’t be the same without you! My special mention during this gratitude week also goes to my patient and cute photographer!

Prize Number 1
Your choice of one Paco Peralta skirt (based on availability)…for example… Just go on Paco’s Etsy page and let me know which one you’d like

UPDATE 13/02/13: this prize will include a special surprise from Paco himself. Thanks Paco!

Very Easy Apron skirt


Prize Number 2
Your choice of one Maria Denmark pattern between the Winnie Wide Legged trousers or the MariaDenmark 103 – Day-To-Night drape Top!

To enter leave a comment below with your prize choice and tell me what you’re Sew Grateful for. The giveaway is open until Friday, February 15 and anyone, anywhere is welcome to join in.

29 thoughts on “Sew Grateful Giveaway

  1. I like the NEW “Half-ciclre skirt” pattern from Paco Peralta, and the Winnie Wide Legged trousers pattern. I’m grateful for the sewing blogs I’ve found in the past year that have helped me learn more about how to sew my own clothing. 🙂


  2. I would love to be entered for a “half-circle skirt” pattern from Paco Peralta and the draped shirt Maria pattern… Thank you! I am sew grateful for all the people who give details of their projects and what they had trouble with ect, because I am learning so much from what they are willing to share and I know so many of us are. Thank you to everyone!


  3. I’d like to be entered for Prize 1. I really like the “Half Circle skirt” pattern from Paco Peralta. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have met through blogging and the kindness and creativity of the online sewing community. I am always inspired by reading other sewing blogs! I learned to sew through 4-H and I am very grateful for that. Without that opportunity, I don’t think I would be sewing today. Thank you for the giveaway!


  4. I am sew grateful for being taught how to do hand embroidery stitches by my mom before that … Around 7 or 8 …. For being allowed to use my moms treadle machine at around 8 or 9 .. Sew grateful g
    For talented experienced sewists to share their wonder tutorials on their blogs and YouTube.

    I’d love to win Maria’s day and night top. Love the cowl neck!! Not too deep ; not too high; just right!


  5. I love the Portefeuille skirt – it’s has such an interesting wrap styling.

    Hmmm….it’s hard to choose one grateful thing, even if I narrow it to sewing related. Very high on the list is gratefulness for the wonderful online sewing community. I’ve “met” so many people and without them I’d have no one to share my hobby with!


  6. I’ve always liked being able to sew things I like that are of better fit quality than whatever you might find in the store. That has kept we well dressed for work when I didn’t have the paycheque to match.
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I’ve like Paco’s Half Circle skirt for awhile now.
    All the best to you!


  7. I am so very grateful for the support and encouragement of my family as I sew. Their encouragement and help is amazing. I am also grateful for the online community, as it inspires and uplifts me as well.

    I would choose the apron skirt! Thank you!


  8. Oh what a lovely prize and it’s so difficult to choose, but I think the Portefeuille skirt is so elegant and would be a great addition to my collection.

    As for being grateful, will it’s difficult to choose, but possible my mother for getting me sewing in the first place when I was probably 7 or 8. There are so many bad habits that I refuse to change because Mum taught them to me!! 🙂


  9. As a working mom with two little ones I’m SEW grateful for any chance to sew. Usually that translates to a particularly riveting cartoon or the wee ones taking a longer nap. I’d love to try that skirt.


  10. I’m sew grateful I have a skill set for the post-zombie apocalypse! (Just finished a walking dead binge) In a world where you can’t just buy clothes anymore I’m sure my ability to knit and sew will be useful!


  11. I’m sew grateful for the sewing community and the friends I’ve made through it. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that it’s changed my life for the better.
    As for the patterns…I do think that Paco’s Portefeuille skirt is wonderful.


  12. Aside from my wonderful family I am grateful for being able to sew – machines/space/supplies, etc. and that so many kind folks share their projects/ideas/knowledge so freely via blogs and tutorials.


  13. Oh wow, this is super generous of you-count me out though, I have all the patterns I need and skirts really aren’t my style (I rarely ever wear skirts and ride around town on a scooter/ use public transport so it won’t get used). You should totally make up the apron skirt in contrasting colours though.


  14. I am sew grateful for my hubby’s patience with me when I try new sewing techniques on him 🙂 I tried a shirt and it turned out not so great,.. Still he complimented me – “good try for a first timer” and wears the shirt when he goes out. Feels great.. 🙂 And yes, I love to try the Winnie Wide Legged Trousers


  15. I am sew grateful that I have the time in my life to sew a few hours each week!
    I love the Maria Denmark Day to Night top, that would be my choice. Thanks!


  16. Right now, I am so grateful to have the support of my partner. That he puts up with my incredibly-stressed-out-verging-on-the-burnout self is really nothing short of a miracle.


  17. I’m sew grateful for an amazing husband who doesn’t complain when I take over the dining room table to sew for myself and my oldest child.

    The apron skirt. I fell in love with it when I ready your sewing adventures with it. I want to make one of my own!


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