Summer Spark Sew-Along: Sabrina Tunic

Here is my first version of the Sabrina Tunic…it was already on my summer sewing  list but I used the extra push from Ali to select it as my garment for the Summer Spark Sew-Along.

This is actually version 1. The official version for the Summer Spark Sew-Along is coming in the next couple of days…I hope you’ll like it.

Ecco la prima versione del Top sabrina. Avevo gia’ pensato di cucirlo quest’estate ma grazie ad Ali ho deciso di finirlo per il Summer Spark Sew-Along.

Questa e’ la prima versione…per quella ufficiale dovrete aspettare ancora qualche giorno…ma spero che vi piacera’.

Some of you may remember this fabric from last year’s Lonsdale dress fabric. The band is also from my stash…but I didn’t have enough to make a full belt.

The invisible zipper on this one is not perfect nor the band matching at the back…oh well…

The pattern was easy to put together. The instructions are very detailed and comprehensive. Except I could not find anywhere how to hem the bottom without the band…but thanks to my super-advanced sewing skills (just kidding!) I was able to figure out I should to take it up by 3/8 inch.

Forse ricorderete la stoffa dal vestito Lonsdale che ho fatto lo scorso anno. Anche per la cintura ho usato stoffa che avevo gia’…purtroppo non ne avevo abbastanza per farne una piu’ lunga.

Il modello e’ piuttosto semplice da cucire e le spiegazioni sono molto dettagliate e complete. Tranne per l’orlo normale…non c’e’ scritto da nessuna parte di quanto farlo…ma grazie alle mie immense conoscenze sartoriali (scherzo!) ho preso la decisione di fare un orlo doppio 1,5 cm.

The top pattern is cut below the bust and the ‘skirt’ part is slightly gathered. When I say slightly I really mean it… you hardly have to pull the bobbin threads and you will have gone too far. Given the minimal gather I could have done without and saved myself some sewing time.

I made a size S which fit without major changes: just took in an extra 1/2 inch at the center back and made the bust darts slightly longer.

All in all I really like this top…making version 2 was really a pleasure…and a great summer staple.

How is your summer going so far?

Il modello ha un taglio sotto il seno e la parte inferiore e’ leggermente arricciata. E quando dico leggermente non esagero…praticamente non dovete tirare il filo perche’ sarebbe gia’ troppo. Quindi vista l’arricciatura praticamente inesistente avrei preferito non ci fosse affatto e risparmiare tempo.

In conclusione il modello di questo top mi piace molto…e farne una seconda versione e’ stato davvero un piacere…e fantastico per il mio guardaroba estivo.

Come va la vostra estate?

2 thoughts on “Summer Spark Sew-Along: Sabrina Tunic

  1. Oooh pretty! I can’t wait to see your second version and so glad to hear it’s been a great summer staple. Looks like a great pattern, and I especially like the contrast options with the empire waistband 🙂


  2. What a pretty colour scheme and it looks like a lovely top. Midriff bands really are my thing. 😀
    My summer has been a bit hectic so far, although I hope it’ll clear up in the next couple of weeks. No summer sparks garment for me yet! But we’re having sweet smelling summer rain tonight, after a lovely and warm day (which I spend working indoors, but so it goes), so I’m happy. Real summer rain always makes me happy. 🙂


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