WIP: Summer Spark Sew-Along

Having a great Monday?

As I am working on my Summer Spark Sew-Along top…here is what I managed to do!

I am so impressed with myself that I had to take a picture and show you.

The sewing gods must have been with me…because every single time I have put in an invisible zipper where seams where crossing…they were always slightly off!

I hate that, don’t you? Because you have measured carefully, marked on each side precisely where the zipper should fall, pinned the zipper, then basted it, then you sew carefully each side…finally close the zipper…just to find out it’s off. Possibly nobody sees it…except my mom, all of you and myself (and possibly the boy who seems to have an eye for spotting mistakes)…which off course it’s not the rest of the world…but still!

So, this time I am proudly showing an accidental success…but I am sure you can still spot some mistakes!

And since it’s Monday…I will also leave you with a teaser…can you spot what fabric I am using? And what’s the thing you are most proud of?

Thanks for reading my silly post!

5 thoughts on “WIP: Summer Spark Sew-Along

  1. That looks really good. I have resorted to putting in my zippers by hand because I always got it wonky. Yours looks really good. I suppose I should practice more.


  2. Fabulous zip and great pattern matching. One of the best tips I read on a blog (can’t credit it because I can’t remember where I read it) is to sew one side of the zip, then zip it up and mark the matching point on the second side; then just sew a few cm either side of the matching point. After zipping it up again and checking the match you can then sew the whole of the second side.


  3. Your zipper is perfect! I only have put in invisible zippers twice. The first one was a nightmare and the second one was ok because after the third try with the invisible zipper foot I decided to bin the thing and do it with my normal foot and then it worked 🙂

    I have not seen this fabric before but it is beautiful and I am sure the finished garment (I guess it will be a dress?) will look great.



  4. Whoo! That looks great 🙂 Mine are always a little off. But I screw up regular zippers even worse, so invisible zippers it is.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your garment! Lately I’ve been most proud of figuring out sway back adjustments and stripe matching on my summer spark dress, which I’m nearly done with. 🙂


  5. Congratulations on your truly invisible zipper! It has never worked that perfectly for me yet – but luckily, I’m not really a perfectionist. 😉 Lovely fabric, too!


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