Inside my Couture Dress Vogue 8648 – Nel mio vestito sartoriale Vogue 8648

Here is a sneak peak on the dress Vogue 8648 I have been working on for a couple of months now…
Ecco un assaggio del vestito Vogue 8648 a cui lavoro da un paio di mesi…
Couture Dress Front

What you see is the inside underlined in silk organza…all those seam allowances were catch stitched by hand

Quello che vedete e´ l’interno rivestito in organza di seta… tutte le cuciture sono state fermate a mano

The zipper was sewn by machine…I didn´t follow Susan Khalje‘s instructions that called for prick stitches. I had already bought the zipper so I thought it was ok.

La lampo e’ cucita a macchina anche se Susan Khalje diceva di farlo a mano. Ma avevo gia´ comprato la lampo invisibile cosi’ ho pensato fosse lo stesso.

Now the bulk of the work is done…adding the lining by hand will be easy peasy in comparison.

Ora la maggior parte del lavoro e´ fatta…aggiungere la fodera a mano sara’ una bazzeccola a confronto.

Oh, and the dress actually fits 😉 after so much work it would be a pity if it didn´t

Ah, e il vestito mi entra 😉 dopo tanto lavoro sarebbe davvero un peccato se non fosse andato bene.

Are you already gearing up for the Me-Made-May 2012?
I won’t be able to join but I will be looking at all your pretty outfits.

Vi state preparando per il Me-Made-May 2012?
Purtroppo non potro’ partecipare ma guardero’ sicuramente i vostri bei abiti.

4 thoughts on “Inside my Couture Dress Vogue 8648 – Nel mio vestito sartoriale Vogue 8648

  1. I just wanted to saw bravo for all that handstitching!! I love how you wrote this, “adding the lining by hand will be easy peasy in comparison.” Wowza, I hope you get a trophy as well as a dress at the end of this 😉 Looking forward to seeing it on!


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