Sewing Princess on the road: Meeting Joann – Sewing Princess in viaggio: Da Joann

Guess what? This afternoon I met Joann 😉
Indovinate un po’? Sono stata da Joann oggi pomeriggio… O meglio sono stata nel famoso negozio tempio della creativita’ che appare su tutti i blog americani.

Meeting Joann -  Da Joann
Meeting Joann - Da Joann

I realize this will make me look very silly…How can I take time out on my vacation to the USA to just go to a Joann?
Well, the reason is simple…first I was very curious…and if you are as curious as I am and never been there…here are a couple of pictures.

Mi rendo conto di sembrare un po’ fuori di testa…Come posso passare parte della mia vacanza negli USA per andare da Joann? Molto semplice…per prima cosa ero curiosissima… e se siete come me e non ci siete mai andate…ecco un paio di foto.

Inside Joann - cutting tools / da Joann - accessori da taglio
Inside Joann - cutting tools / da Joann - accessori da taglio

But the second sewing-related reason is that I could easily get products that you can’t find in Europe or just way more expensive.
Ma il secondo motivo ha a che fare con il cucito. Ho trovato prodotti difficili da trovare in Europa o semplicemente piu’ cari

Inside Joann - fabrics / da Joann - stoffa
Inside Joann - fabrics / da Joann - stoffa

They had a Daffodil sale going until today…notions 50% off and McCall’s patterns 0.99c …plus I had a 20% off coupon (Thanks Wendy for your advice!). So, there I went with my shopping list: cutting mat, rotary cutter, clear ruler, fray check, tape measure, wax paper, tracing weel and boning.

Fino ad oggi c’era una promozione con tutti gli articoli di merceria scontati al 50% e i modelli della McCall’s a 70 centesimi di euro…e in piu’ avevo un buono sconto per un altro 20% (Grazie a Wendy per il consiglio). Quindi ho comprato le cose sulla lista della spesa: rotella da taglio, piano da taglio, righello, fray check, un centimetro, carta copiativa, una rotella e stecche per bustini.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a larger cutting mat nor the famous Dritz superboard as they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase, but I am really happy with my little trip and the nice experience.
I am also quite proud of myself since I didn’t buy anything that was not on my list…not even any of the 0.99c patterns. Temptation was high, but I hate overshopping.

Purtroppo non ho potuto comprare un piano da taglio più grande né il famoso Dritz superboard, un piano quadrettato in cartone, perché non sarebbero entrati nella valigia. Però sono davvero contenta del mio giretto e dell’esperienza.
E poi sono contenta di non aver comprato niente che non fosse sulla lista…neanche i modelli nonostante fossero così economici. La tentazione è stata molta, ma non mi piace comprare troppe cose.

Stay tuned for more sewing-related visits in the coming days.

Nei prossimi giorni cercherò di andare a visitare altre mecche del cucito…quindi tornate a scoprirle con me.

I’m curious…are there larger and smaller Joann? how can I tell? Shall I also go to Micheals?

6 thoughts on “Sewing Princess on the road: Meeting Joann – Sewing Princess in viaggio: Da Joann

  1. How fun to read about your meet-and-greet with Joann! You are very disciplined — I recently went to Joann during their Daffodil Days sale and bought more than I should have. Hope you are enjoying your trip! Where are you traveling? I would recommend going to Michaels if you are interested in yarns (for knitting or crochet) and other crafts that are not related to sewing. They don’t carry anything for sewing.


  2. Jean speaks the truth-you will find craft related supplies at Michael’s, but not fabric or super sewing specific supplies. Some JoAnns are better than others; I go to one by my parent’s more than ones by me because their clearance section is better. Where are you in the US? There are local fabric chains and specialty stores that may do better by you overall than JoAnns. I just got to enjoy some lovely deals in New York’s fashion center/garment district that I’d never find at JoAnn’s. 🙂 Enjoy your trip!


  3. I can’t believe you made a stop at Joann’s. That is hilarious and awesome! Personally, I dont’ like the store as it is a chain store. I’m more into boutique-y type fabric stores but I could see how you would want to visit the store while traveling in the US


  4. Ha! Joann’s, an American institution. I imagine for most of the country it’s the best outlet for sewing supplies– and agreed, things can be so cheap, it’s dangerous! I definitely stocked up on basic sewing supplies at Joann’s, armed with coupons 🙂 Bet you’ll have a blast in NYC’s garment district!


  5. How funny! I try to avoid Joann Fabrics. My local one is still far enough away that I always figure I might as well drive to a store just a bit farther that’s owned by a very nice couple. I do end up over there every now and then, and I probably should just be thankful for the convenience!


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