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In the past couple of weeks two very kind ladies honored me with an Award. Andrea of Stitch Parade and Evie of Pendle Stitches. If you don’t follow their blogs already, hop over there. I am impressed by their sewing, knitting and quilting skills. Not to mention that I believe they are very sweet persons…despite not having met them I feel personalities come across from pictures and writing.

So, the story goes that I have to share some facts about me and then tag a few more people. Here we go then… I thought I’d do it with pictures

Today I celebrated my birthday…and took a walk outside…the day was gorgeous and I really wanted to sit down and admire the view from higher up.

I get very happy when something so simple appears before your eyes. Beauty is in small things

I dream about having a cocktail party right at this place…Just need to find a good enough excuse to rent it all out!

My daily route to work involves taking a ferry. Nothing fancy but the view is very relaxing.

I lived in Brussels for 6 years…and I love going back anytime I can…I actually miss it.

I love Gothic architecture…This is Brussels St. Michel Cathedral where the royal family gets married.

I love croissants…whether French, Italian, or from any other country.

I can be a tough lady…the sign (an advertising for a Belgian beer) says: My man always gets the last word: Yes, dear. (Mon mec a toujours le dernier mot: Oui, ma chérie)… But I would do anything for him…

And now I would like to tag

Frabjous Couture for inspiring me to take the plunge into couture dresses

Fehr Trade: seeing her pinup dress made me want to go out and make one too. Great inspiration.

MCPB (Mom sews, Dad does DIY) who has a beautiful French sewing, knitting and design blog

Threads and snippets for her insights in New York crafting scene


I wish you a great day and a perfect weekend ahead!

6 thoughts on “More about me

  1. Happy birthday, spring sister! My bday was yesterday 🙂 Agreed, beauty is in small things, and lovely photos! Your commute is way nicer than mine and I hope your couture dress is going well.


  2. Wow, another Aries! (My birthay is tomorrow, hehe.)
    Wish you all the best Silvia!
    I totally could come and visit you up there in the mountains. You live just a coutry away. Which is great! Then we could rent that lovely place and have a sewing party, hehehe. :-))))


  3. Happy birthday. x
    What a beautiful place you live in!
    I’ve been to Brussels a couple of times and found it to be a stunning city. I understand why you miss it.


  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love your photos — gorgeous. I think you need to rent out that amazing space for a big party to showcase your beautiful garments!


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