Paco Peralta double pattern giveaway – 2 modelli di Paco Peralta in regalo

These are probably to be renamed the traveling patterns…Due to a mistake in the address these two patterns have been traveling all over Europe.
It was due to pure luck and to the excellent service by the post employees in Europe that they reached their final destination safely!

Forse questi modelli dovrebbero chiamarsi i modelli itineranti…per un errore d’indirizzo questi due modelli hanno viaggiato per tutta l’Europa. E’ stato grazie al puro caso e al servizio impeccabile degli uffici postali europei, che sono arrivati a destinazione

Unique Jacket from Paco Peralta

Thanks to this mishap I had the pleasure to exchange a few emails and get to know the amazing master tailor Paco Peralta. Not only is he amazingly talented but he is also very generous.
Together we decided that we should organised a joint giveaway for all the Sewing Princess readers and Paco fans. In fact, Paco was so kind to send me a second package to the correct address so I eventually ended up having two sets.

A causa di questo incoveniente ho avuto il piacere di scambiare qualche email e conoscere il fantastico stilista Paco Peralta. Oltre ad essere una persona di estremo talento e’ anche molto generoso.
Insieme abbiamo deciso di offrire un regalo a tutti i lettori di Sewing Princess e i fan di Paco. Infatti Paco e’ stato così generoso da inviarmi un secondo pacchetto all’indirizzo corretto e alla fine ne ho due copie.

Draped top from Paco Peralta

Good luck to you from Paco and myself. And don’t forget to check Paco’s blog out

In bocca al lupo a tutte da me e da Paco. Se volete date un’occhiata al blog di Paco

So, here are the quick rules:
1. Leave a comment saying which Paco Peralta pattern you prefer: either the Unique Jacket or the Draped top
2. One entry per person. Easy ;o)
3. The giveaway is open worldwide
4. Leave a comment by Monday January 23, 2012 midnight GMT
5. I’ll choose two comments at random as the winners.

If you have any questions about the patterns, let me know.

Ecco le regole per partecipare:
1. lasciate un commento indicando quale modello di Paco Peralta preferite, a scelta tra la giacca o il top
2. Un commento per persona. Facile!
3. E’ aperto a lettori di tutto il mondo.
4. Lasciare un commento entro Lunedi 23 gennaio 2012 a mezzanotte GMT
5. I due vincitori verranno estratti a sorte da me.

Se avete domande sui modelli fatemi sapere.

37 thoughts on “Paco Peralta double pattern giveaway – 2 modelli di Paco Peralta in regalo

  1. As much as I love love love the Unique jacket I guess for my lifestyle the draped top is the thing. Thank you so much and you, Paco, too!


  2. I was actually lucky enough to pick up the draped top pattern already, and I love the hand details. Now I’d love to try the unique jacket. Thanks for the opportunity.


  3. I really love his aesthetic! What a fun giveaway! I would like to put my name in for the shirt pattern, as I’m not so much of a jacket person. Thanks!


  4. His patterns are super nice – thanks for putting him on my radar and for a fabulous giveaway. Both patterns are lovely but I think I’d get more use out of the drape top. Fingers crossed, and again, thank you for the opportunity!


  5. I love the draped top. Just right for an Aussie summer – nice and cool but classy at the same time.


  6. Grazie per questo bellissimo giveaway! ^_^
    Scelgo la giacca…molto particolare il taglio e il colore!

    Dita incrociate! 😉


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