New haircut – Un nuovo taglio

What do you think?  I was getting fed up of the longer hair and got it cut.  I am one of those women who can never find the right haircut and wishes there was somebody by her side who could style her hair in the morning before getting to work…A bit of daydreaming!

Che ne dite? Mi ero stufata dei capelli lunghi e li ho tagliati. Dovete sapere che sono una di quelle persone che non riesce mai a trovare il taglio giusto e vorrebbe avere una persona a disposizione per sistemarle i capelli la mattina prima di andare in ufficio…E’ bello sognare!

I hate spending time styling my hair so I am always look out for a quick and practical style. Yet, I’ve always been jealous of those women who always seem to have the perfect hairstyle even after the gym or after a day skiing. Not me for sure!

Odio perder tempo a sistemare i capelli, quindi cerco sempre dei tagli pratici e veloci. E ho sempre invidiato quelle persone che sembrano avere i capelli perfettamente in ordine anche dopo la palestra o una giornata sulle piste. Di certo non e’ il mio caso!

The decision to get it cut was taken on a whim, actually. I can be very impulsive at times. When I was visiting my family over Christmas, my partner was going for a trim…and I decided to join him. The look you see in this pictures is totally homemade… So, it’s not how it was originally styled when I got out of the hairdresser. He had styled it straight with ends facing outwards. Pity I didn’t take a picture. I tried very hard to do it at home, but since my hair is wavy I need to use a straightener…which I try to avoid… so here is the result I could manage with my hairdryer and a Tigi product, Bed Head manipulator.

La decisione di tagliare i capelli e’  stata piuttosto impulsiva…in effetti a volte lo sono. Quando sono andata dai miei a Natale, il mio compagno ha deciso di tagliarsi i capelli… e io l’ho seguito. La pettinatura della foto e’ casalinga… Il parrucchiere li aveva fatti lisci con le punte all’infuori. Purtroppo non ho una foto. Ho cercato di fare lo sesso a casa, ma con i capelli mossi devo usare la piastra…cosa che cerco di non fare. Quindi questo e’ il risultato che riesco ad ottenere da sola con il phone e il Bed Head manipulator.

So, what do you think: long or short? What is your relashionship with your hair?

Next week  I will be back with a sewing post…actually a double giveaway. I hope you will come back to try your luck.

Allora che ne dite, meglio lunghi o corti? Qual e’ la relazione tra voi e i vostri capelli?

La prossima settimana tornero’ a parlare di cucito…anzi meglio ci sara’ un doppio premio in palio.  Spero tornerete a farmi visita per partecipare.

3 thoughts on “New haircut – Un nuovo taglio

  1. Love your shorter hair! I also “went shorter” recently (from long and layered to a simple chin-length bob) and love it.


  2. I have similar feelings about my hair, but I wouldn’t want anyone else messing with it in the morning either. I keep varying the length thinking I’m going to find the ideal style. Hasn’t happened yet! LOL


  3. I like your new style. 🙂 I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I don’t like spending a lot of time on it (esp. blowdrying) and when long it looks absolutely boring, so I wear it short and have it re-cut about every 4 months. I usually go to the same salon, even though they seem to have someone new cutting my hair pretty much every time, and it looks slightly different every time, too…


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