Work in progress – Cal Patch’s Annie Trousers

After two skirts it’s time for pants.

Cal Patch's Annie Trousers

I actually wear pants a lot in my daily life mostly because I don’t quite like wearing stockings and it’s also quite challenging to do it in between waxing appointments… ok, also princesses have hair! Which would open a whole new post/survey/debate on the best hair removal method… but that is beyond the scope of a sewing blog, isn’t it?

Back on topic… this week I have been working on my trousers. I started by amending the basic pants pattern, adding the fly extension and drawing pockets

Work in progress - Cal Patch's Annie Trousers

Then the actual pattern cutting and assembling started. The fabric you see here was expressly bought for these pants. It just took me a whole 7 months to start working on them.

Pinstripe Woolen Fabric

So far I have spent a huge amount of time on the pockets… which didn’t turn out too perfect. I should have scrapped them but I decided against it… I need new trousers before the summer! Next time I will do better. But I have learned a great lesson… seemingly easy things often turn out trickier than expected.

Now I am working on the zipper (another headache), waistband and hemming…I will be reporting back next week as soon as I am able to slot in a bit more sewing.

What is your favorite garment to sew?


6 thoughts on “Work in progress – Cal Patch’s Annie Trousers

  1. Can I tell you that I’ve been working on my “basic” pants (same book, slightly modified) since… umm, probably August last year? I put them on the UFO pile after adding (french-seamed!) slash pockets on the back instead of the front by accident. I took them out again last month, corrected the pockets, sewed up the side seams, added a button panel… and put them on the UFO pile again because I’m afraid of drafting a fitted waistband! 😉 Umm, yeah. I’m lucky it’s mostly warm enough to wear skirts.

    Ok, favorite garment… even though I like sewing with woven cotton much better than with knits, my favorite garments to sew might be knit tops. Mostly because they’re instant gratification and don’t require a lot of fitting. 🙂


  2. yo tambien tengo que hacerme unos pantalones, pero sera en agosto:-)
    me gustan los de la foto!!!!
    y la tela que escogiste tambien


  3. You had me the first time you made up these pants — looking forward to your alteration! I’m working on a pair from a self-drafted pattern too.

    I think I like to sew all types of garment, but it definitely feels good to sew something I know I’ll wear all the time and like you, I definitely wear pants the most. I’m hoping, with great weather and better sewing skills, I can up the number of skirts and dresses I wear this summer 🙂 – Including a gorgeous green knit dress. I swear my plans for that dress change by the hour.


  4. Hi, I’m also using this book to draft a pattern (my first one!) – the woven shirt. I don’t have a favorite garment yet as I’m starting to learn how to sew. Never tried pants, shirts, skirts before, only a pair of shorts. I hope I do it right 🙂


  5. My favorite thing to sew is pants…when they turn out great, they’re far better than store-bought pants. Unfortunately, when they turn out poorly…well, that’s not so much fun! I have a jeans pattern I worked on over and over and finally got them to fit the way I like. Next up will be basic trousers. I’m looking forward to seeing how your pants turn out!


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