Swirl skirt and vacation tips

Swirl Skirt
It’s amazing how a simple pencil skirt pattern can feel different just by making a few adjustments and using some nice fabric.

As you may remember, the fabric is a left-over from the blazer I made last year. So, for once no extra fabric purchases.

As said I took a pencil skirt pattern and added about 2 inches to the bottom, then drew a line from the hips to the new wider point, to get the A-line shape.

I kept the darts since fabric tends to be a bit stiff and it was to wide at the waist. If you don’t like darts, simply remove them as I explained in this post
Swirl Skirt
I went borderless at the waist…I used one of the stitches from my machine to make the embroidery. As you might have noticed I don’t embroider much on my garments, but this time I was inspired. There were  some hickups in the stitiching, which you may notice in the closeups, but overall I managed not to mess up much… the downside of those stitches is that you can’t remove them easily!

Location, Location, Location

Swirl Skirt
OK, if you are wondering whether the pictures were taken at the entrance of my Sewing Princess Palace… I have to disappoint you…that doesn’t mean I am a Princess without a Palace though 😮

And since we are approaching the summer time and you might be getting into the vacation mood… I thought I’d show you the town where those pictures were shot… In Italy, at the border with Switzerland, in the charming Cannobio.

Lake Maggiore and the towns

Lake and mountains (the Alps) are a unique combination in this part of the world.

Have a look at the webcam on Cannobio and Lake Maggiore – See what this part of the world looks like right now (if you are in the US it can be 6 to 9 hours ahead…so you may wanna look at it in the morning)

Well, let me know if you are ever anywhere around…it would be great to meet up.

6 thoughts on “Swirl skirt and vacation tips

  1. Oh, how fun! I spent a couple of vacations in Cannobio years ago (including a weekend for my 12th birthday :). Do you know if the restaurant “Villa Maria” still exists? They used to have a lovely Spaghetti dish with shrimp and saffron…
    Also, the skirt looks very pretty. 🙂


  2. Love the new skirt! Is a skirt preferred by women in Europe? I bet dressing up every day is the thing to do there. I hardly ever see women in skirts or dresses here in the South USA.

    I will have to look at the webcam tomorrow morning since it is night there now.

    Feel free to share more pics of Italy! Love it!


  3. Hi,
    beautiful skirt, I like the embroidery
    And the place seems so beautiful, I have been there some time ago but in the other side, when I lived in Torino:-)


  4. That fabric — though lovely as a blazer — also seems perfect for a skirt. Yet another example from you in how small pattern tweaks can make big differences: It looks great 🙂 And I like the waist binding. I can never nicely to a waist band and I’ve got an old A-line skirt of my grandmothers that also leaves one off, finished by lining. I’m going to try and trace it. Fingers crossed! We’ll see what happens.


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