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Like many of you I love browsing websites and sewing resources from all over the world. Since an early age I am thrilled by foreign languages and cultures, something that is very present in my daily life.

That’s why I would like to bring to this very international audience three resources I came across this week.

1. I found a cute French magazine at my newsagent called “Coudre, c’est facile” (Sewing is easy). This is their fourth issue.

Coudre - C'est facile

Of course I ended up buying it… the patterns and pictures were so cute. In particular there are a couple of bag patterns that I look forward to sewing… Unfortunately in this issue there is no women’s clothing, but it’s certainly a nice magazine and has some nice general sewing tips and links.

If you are interested, you can buy the magazine online or others like ViaPresse

2. Yesterday I also discovered a Spanish website with sewing videos called Yo coso (I sew – simple and to the point, I would say). What I like about this website is that it includes videos, so it can be useful if you are a visual learner. Videos so far include patternmaking, sewing, drawing and a step-by-step dress. logo

The person behind Yo coso is actually an American guy with Mexican parents who lives in Spain…he seems a nice guy. And I love listening to Spanish and eventually learn some sewing terminology.

He even has an online shop with cute thimble T-shirts

3. And since we are touring the world, the last resource is from Italy (where I am living right now ;o). It’s a sewing blog called Scuola di cucito (The Sewing School).

What’s cool about Daniela is that she occasionally makes an order for tracing paper rolls and she is having one just now. So, if you are interested in buying one you can send her an email, pay about 25 USD and get a roll delivered to your doorstep.

I made an order last year and I still have more than half roll to go. Either I didn’t sew too much or it’s really a lot of paper! What I can tell you is that I love having my tracing paper in a roll because it’s not as wide as regular tracing paper, you can cut it according to your needs and it’s not too thin.

I don’t know if international orders are allowed… but I thought to share this resource in case you want to explore similar resources where you live, have a look at her sewing videos, want to pass the info on to your sewing friends or simply listen to some Italian.

I hope you enjoyed this short sewing world tour and that this information can inspire your sewing. And if you need help with translation let me know.

Have a great Monday.

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