Going to a wedding: which dress?

It seems like I have the perfect occasion to make a cocktail dress… I am invited to a friend’s wedding early in June. It will be a church wedding with a lunch reception.
Though very excited… I am starting to panic for the dress. Oh my…
Needless to say I will have to make a muslin.


Location-wise it will be in the beautiful town of Assisi, Unesco world heritage site and the hometown of St. Francis.
I have been looking for inspiration among my favorite dresses and on specialty stores online and so far my top three inspiration dresses are below.

No matter which pattern, I am considering to make it a below-the-knee lenght

But I could really use some help from you…

  • What color would you suggest?
  • Do you think any of the patterns below is not suitable? (does the second one seam too modest for a wedding?)
  • What would you use to cover up your shoulders (and in case it gets chilly)?
  • Do you have any favorite pattern for a cocktail dress?
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My constraints are:
– It needs to be a simple pattern (I am not so advanced yet and June is approaching quickly)
– I am 5.3″

Thanks for your suggestions

5 thoughts on “Going to a wedding: which dress?

  1. I think the first and second are good options, but in another color:-)
    I’m having the same problem but a little worst, I have to choose mine for june:-S


  2. I would say the first one. If you are 5’3″ the last one could make you look shorter and the middle one is kind of out of balance to me.

    I would say a nice purple color with maybe a grey undertone to it.

    Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing a picture of the final dress.



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