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Asymmetrical Skirt

I believe the people at Stitch magazine have read my mind… I was originally planning to host a sew-along for the Asymmetrical Skirt appeared on Stitch 2008 and see if you wanted to join me.

That’s why… I started jumping of joy when I saw in my email Join the First Stitch Sew-Along! and saw the skirt pattern being one of the contestants. (yes, I tend to get overexcited for those things… the child inside!)

That’s why I am posting with an exceptional frequency on this blog… I hope that you will vote for the Asymmetrical skirt pattern too and that it will win. (fingers crossed)

Otherwise, if you are interested I could host a sew-along here on my blog.

I hope you will join me.

4 thoughts on “Vote for Stitch Sew-along

  1. That’s such a nice skirt! I remember ordering Stitch Magazine only because of this skirt. Nowadays I’m wearing either circle skirts or mini skirts, so it doesn’t really fit in my wardrobe, but it’s one of my favourites still!


  2. I voted for the skirt! Dunno if I can join the sew-along (or if it’d even flatter me) but it looks great. 🙂 Love the Billy cardigan, btw.

    I haven’t been commenting much, but know I stop by 🙂


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