Snow White Coat in the Eternal City

St. Peter's Square -  The Vatican

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. Every city gets a romantic and glamorous feel with all the lighting and decorations. That’s why I was so excited that I got to spend my Christmas with my family in Rome, the Eternal City.
Among all the sites certainly St. Peter’s square is for me The place to visit at Christmas. Every year the Pope gives his special Christmas blessing from his renowned window. This year I was lucky to be right there at that very moment (unfortunately he didn’t know the Sewing Princess was there… otherwise he would have certainly invited me in :o) It was moving.
Meet the Pope
Given the special occasion, I thought the Snow White coat would be the perfect outfit to wear and Rome a beautiful location to show in the background… so here it is… with my New Year’s wishes for you and your family.
Snow White coat
After several weeks of working on it, my first coat is finally ready. It’s really warm and I have enjoyed sewing it. If you haven’t ventured on such an experience before, here is what I learned:

1. It’s easier to baste by hand… removing machine basting from wool is a pain (It must have taken me at least 3 hours)
Snow White coat

2. Watch out for small pieces of thread… if they get stuck between the coat and the lining you will see it afterwords (same goes for odd hair… I lose loads!)

Snow White coat
3. Pay attention when cutting buttonholes…one of them turned out crooked!

Snow White coat
4. Buttonholes and buttons do take a long time to sew (by that time I was getting itchy to wear the coat!)
5. All in all sewing a coat takes time… enjoy every step in the making.

Snow White coat
What I love about the coat:

  • The simple line
  • The warm collar (so I don’t have to wear a scarf)
  • The button placement (thanks for the tip to my great teacher Michele!)

Snow White coat
Are you getting ready for new year’s celebrations?

Will you be wearing one of your creations?

I hope 2011 will be a great one for you with loads of peace, sewing and creativity. And I hope to continue being part of this great sewing community.

St. Peter's Square -  The Vatican

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  1. Gorgeous! I probably already said this but I think white is one of the most elegant colors for a coat, and yours turned our fabulously! I particularly love the buttons and collar. No scarf indeed!


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