White Christmas and South Tirol traditions

Selva Gardena

In my last post I embarked on my challenge: sewing in the mountains… yes, I did find some sewing inspiration in the mountains that I would like to share with you. I hope you will like this short journey in a sensational part of Europe, South Tirol.


South Tirol is an trilingual region in the north of Italy known for its beautiful mountains and long-standing traditions, located at the border with Austria. Ever since I discovered the region some years ago, I try to go back to experience the magical atmosphere and surroundings… and to improve my skiing :o)

What I love about South Tirol is that the traditional dresses are still worn today during celebrations and in some places like Selva Gardena or Wolkenstein. The traditional dress (you probably recognize something similar from The Sound of Music) is the Dirndl, a German word originally was used to mean young woman or a girl.
Krone Stube - Selva Gardena -  Wolkenstein

The dirndl consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. Though it may seem simple and plain, a properly made modern dirndl may be quite expensive as silk is sometimes used.
Krone Stube - Selva Gardena -  Wolkenstein

Multiligualism is one of the distinct features of the region. Though we are in Italy, the main culture is germanic and ladin (an ancient language spoken by only 30,000 people in the entire world) and this is what you can perceive all around you. Unlike the rest of Italy, wood is the main building material.
Selva Gardena - Dolomites
The Stube or Stua is a fascinating example of this beautiful region. Traditionally the Stube is the warmest part of the house, thanks to its wooden walls. In the old times the family and visitors used the Stube for their gatherings and meals.
Stube - Stua
As for me, I find it a very cozy and relaxing place for reading, surfing the web and catching up with my favourite sewing blogs after a long day skiing at minus 18 C… yes, I had several hot chocolates and a long list of warm drinks. And I also managed to sew some buttonholes… yeah!
Selva Gardena
I wish you all a great Christmas with your family… whereever you may be. Is there snow where you are?

Thanks for reading.

Christmas decoration