Sewing Buddy Project for 2011

Have you already written down your new year’s resolutions?

Don’t close off your list yet… There’s one more great suggestion on the way: Get yourself a Sewing Buddy.

The fantastic Deborah from Whipstich is doing it again.
I find it such a fantastic idea… having a buddy to share your sewing projects with and motivate each other. And it’s also great for inspiration and to meet a person you wouldn’t normally cross in your every day life.

She also put down a few “rules”…nothing complicated though. Here is an excerpt:

    Agree that you’ll commit for eight weeks.

    Agree that you will leave no email from your Sewing Buddy un-answered.

    Be on the lookout for contests, challenges, secret passwords, and even (gasp!) meet-ups designed just for Sewing Buddies!

All you have to do is reply on the post, then Deborah will match you up. Needless to day, I have already done it. I can’t wait to see what her magical matching powers will bring.

The deadline is set for January 21, 2011.

Read the background on the Sewing Buddy Project from last year.

Hope to see you there.