Snow White Coat progress

I know I’ve been quiet for some days but the work on my Snow White coat has been progressing… and quickly approaching the “done” stage.


First off, I have finally chosen the buttons, yuppie. Thanks for all your suggestions. I must admit it has been a very hard choice for me. In the end I went for white. Though it’s hard to see from the picture, they are matte and have a “chalk” feeling to them. They are simple, but I hope you like them too (unfortunately the choice was limited at the store, so couldn’t find anything more original).

They are fairly large, 1.5 inch… which means that I won’t be able to use my buttonhole foot but I will have to sew them manually instead. So, I thought I will do a small tutorial on how to manually sew a buttonhole. Don’ worry,  it’s not has hard as it sounds. And actually having faced some hiccups with machine-made buttonholes, I feel it’s sometimes easier to sew them by hand.

Have you ever hand-sewn your buttonholes?

Below is a picture of the actual coat… I spent quite a few hours getting rid of the basting stitches and hemming it by hand. My latest discovery on machine basting is that it’s a pain to get rid of the stitches on thick wool…next time I will do all the basting by hand.

Snow White Coat: hemming

Talking of snow and white… here is a view of the snow on the Alps I see from my window… which brings me to the topic of my next post… will I find anything sewing related when heading to the mountains??? I hope you will follow me in my journey.

Room with a view: the Alps