Betsy Jacket

Betsy Jacket
In this part of the world it seems that Fall is on its way… days are getting shorter but at least I still get to see the sun… I don’t know about you but when the sun is out I am a much happier person…Sorry for these random thoughts….

Well the point is that it’s not time to attach sleeves to my clothes… I don’t particularly like it but I want to master the art of setting sleeves… and drafting them. So, the Betsy Jacket seemed a perfect project from me. I loved this jacket from the moment I saw it on Design it yourself clothes… and I was determined to make it even if it meant drafting a shirt pattern first and then adapting it to the Betsy jacket pattern. It’s all very well explained in the book… but certainly it takes time.

The part of the jacket I am most proud of are the placket, I managed to edge stitch to near perfection… I might be out of my mind by I get a sense of accomplishment when my stitches are straight and neat. I also love how the gathered part turned out.
Betsy Jacket

My least favorite part are the sleeves (you might have guessed already!). I had to redo them twice because they were too tight and my armhole wasn’t wide enough. Part of the problem was the fabric choice (sort of black shantung without any cross grain stretch). The second problem was taking my own measurements. I did it by myself and I am not a contortionist 😮

I hope to make another attempt at this pattern in the future but I would use a more stretchy fabric and I would lengthen the bodice and possibly the ruffle.
Betsy Jacket
But overall I am happy with the result… practice makes better, so I will keep on trying. My Fall/Winter goal is to master the art of sleeves (at least simple designs).

  • What are your goals for the new sewing season?
  • Have you made the Betsy Jacket?

2 thoughts on “Betsy Jacket

  1. Hello! I lost my last comment so hopefully this will work … Anyway, I love this pattern, and it’s great to see your version (gorgeous color!) and read about your lessons learned. I’m hoping to fit this project this fall. 🙂 Classic and feminine.


  2. Oh, I’ve seen this pattern in the Cal Patch book and thought it was really cute! Unfortunately, I’m also pretty sure that it won’t do much for my body shape, so that chances that I’m going to make it is pretty slim… It sure looks lovely on you, though and I like how the fabric looks in your pics!

    Also, I’d love to come back to Orta sometime, it’s so beautiful! If I do, I’ll be sure to tell you so we can meet up for coffee!


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