Summer breeze top


I can finally share with you this project… my Summer Breeze Top and the beautiful scenery of Mammola, a village in Calabria, south of Italy (the tip of the boot). It’s been a nice little vacation to remember because I could travel back in time by just taking a flight.


How is that possible? You might wonder… Well, Mammola is one of those places where time seems to go by very slowly. It’s a small village perched on the mountains but only few miles from the beautiful pebbled beaches with crystal clear water. Sometimes when we go on vacation we have a urge to go to ‘authentic’ places, just to end up in a nice resort. What has been different this year is that going to Mammola I went to a really down-to-earth village.

It’s a different place. People still know each other in the village and there is a strong sense of community. Villagers of Mammola still say hello to passersby… even when they don’t know you. People spend time talking to each other, especially old people. Streets are narrow and the whole village goes uphill. I had visited this village 20 years ago and never went back so for me it has been a journey back in time. I saw familiar places that had been somewhat forgotten in my mind. Many things stayed the same like smells and tastes from my youth. I have never experienced anything like that before.

This is why I am so excited to share these pictures of my Summer breeze top: a self-drafted pattern based on the basic bodice, with two darts on the front and one at the back, with satin  bias-tape inserts and hemmed with a decorative stitch

I hope you enjoyed my story about Mammola… A perched village in the south of Italy. As always, thanks for reading.