Patternmaking resources and Blogger Award

As you know, I am determined to work on my patternmaking skills. Right now I am working on a wrap dress pattern that I will hopefully share with you soon…. especially if I manage to take pictures in nice weather.

While searching for tips online to complement my patternmaking books, I discovered these two amazing websites.

Ikatbag and My Measuring Tape are running a Pattern Drafting Series on their blogs. I find it an excellent resource if you wish to get started with pattermaking. And once you have your main body blocks, the possibilities are endless. I think it’s useful even if you want to simply alter a pattern you already have.  The latest part on the blog includes Patternmaking books and Pattern Drafting resources in general

Another blog I like is El Baúl de las Costureras with a specific section on Pattern Drafting. And it’s also great if you want to practice Spanish since Maria Elena is from Venezuela. She often shares patterns from Burda and other magazines and gives you tips on how to best tackle your project.

On a different topic…

Alessa from Farbenfreude has kindly given me the Beautiful Blogger Award.  Ten things you didn’t know about me and five bloggers I’d like to pass on the award to.

So here is something about me…

1. I love languages. I speak English, Spanish, Italian and French.  In the future I hope to have a multilingual blog to share my projects with a wider community and help those that can’t understand English.

2. I am definetely a foodie who loves to try food from different countries. My favorites are Thai and Italian pizza… and more

3. I have lived in 6 different countries and once managed to move 3 countries in one year. And no… I don’t like packing

4. I like to ski but I hate cold weather because my hands get cold.

5. I keep collecting craft project ideas and only manage to produce 5% of it in the time I have… I wish I were faster.

6. I don’t have a dedicated sewing room…currently I sew on my living room table (luckily we eat in the kitchen). I hope to have one on my next move.

7. I learned to sew from my mom but only recently started to take it more seriously.

8. I have been given my mom’s Singer from the 60’s and nearly fainted when it broke a few months ago. Luckily I could still find somebody who could repair it. In the meantime I also bought a Bernina.

9. I am an amateur flamenco dancer… stomping my feet is great ;o)

10.  I am a coffee  and milk addict… Cappuccino is a favourite…

And now here are my five beautiful bloggers… I’m tagging:

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Patternmaking resources and Blogger Award

  1. Oh, yum, Thai and pizza are also two of my favorites (along with Kässpätzle, sushi and, recently, Vietnamese glass noodle salad… 😉
    Thanks for the pattern making resources, I have a lot to learn about that and I think it’s a fabulous skill, I’ll definitely check them out!



  2. Thank you for sharing these patternmaking resources! What a gold mine 🙂 Flamenco’s so beautiful, I took classes years ago (and I was terrible!) but what a dance!


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