La Mia Boutique 04 2014 Review

lmb 0114 cover

April La Mia Boutique is an issue full of jacket patterns…So I thought it would be nice to see also some of the other patterns … Unlike other issues there’s less vintage styles. Good or bad?

This month we have not one but two guest reviewers!

Nicolina from Docksjo. She is also a fan of Colette Patterns and made her second Hawthorne. Not to mention she made the most perfect first bra!

And Simona who blogs with Anita at Sewing Adventures in the Attick. She is addicted to sewing books and fabric (sounds familiar???) and has recently started working on Colette Pattern’s Lady Gray.

Before we dive in: Would you like to be the next La Mia Boutique Guest Reviewer? I would love to read what you think of La Mia Boutique patterns and how you would style them. Don’t be shy. Just drop me an email
2475Silvia: Total white look…I had seen this outfit in the preview and thought it was very nice. I could see myself wearing that outfit to work. By the way, the bag pattern is also included…I find it a bit casual for that outfit though.
Nicolina: It is really not my style, dislike something about blazers and high contrast between the black and the white + the magenta is a little bit too much for me. I wish that she could have held her arm so that it was possible to see more of the garment.
Simona: I find the white a bit clinical. Seems a bit too much of it. Looks like a cute combo for the office but not in white. For this one I like the collar on the shirt.
2202Silvia: I don’t like the jacket at all…it’s too long, don’t you think? The pants look nice though…I have said it before…wider legs are my thing
Nicolina: It might be how they put it all together but it looks like she’s wearing a men’s costume, the problem might be the sizing or that it doesn’t have enough shaping. I think that the trousers might be nice in gray with a crème or yellow silk blouse.
Simona: I agree with you Silvia the jacket is way too long and I feel that it’s a bit big for the model. I like jackets to be a bit more fitted and emphasize the waist a bit more. Not so convinced about the pants. Again I prefer them a bit more fitted.
2314Silvia: The skirt is very basic…but I really love that print! I would love to make a summer blouse with a similar fabric…and a skirt too!
Nicolina: Not sure
Simona: Indeed the skirt looks really simple. For me to the skirt fabric is the star of the outfit. I actually see it in a wrap dress. 🙂
2442Silvia: The blouse is really dramatic..not my style. I could go for the pencil skirt though!
Nicolina: That’s exactly my thought Silvia, the skirt, Yes, the top not so much. I would definitely keep it long though, to keep the posh 60’s over it. I love posh 60’s.
Simona: The skirt looks really nice, but would make it a bit shorter. Blouse a definite no no!! Not flattering at all unless you are stick thin
2641Silvia: The top reminds me of a similar pattern I made years ago. There’s a nice keyhole detail under the sleeve (see below) that you can use to pass a belt through. I don’t like the fabric chosen here.
Nicolina: Do I see chinos? I really like to be able to wear chinos really think they look good on other people but not me, chinos means summer for me and even if I can’t wear them myself I can see that they have a place in a summers coming issue.
Simona: Ignoring the fabric used, the top has potential. I would do it in solid colors with contrasting neck and sleeve bands.
2665Silvia: Definitely not for me at least not with that quilted fabric. Anyone likes it?
Nicolina: Not me.
Simona: Looks weird at best. Has some potential. Just think the amount of time you would need to spend on it to get it quilted… Definitely not for me.
2777Silvia: I really like the pencil skirt paired with a loose blouse. I must admit I always have troubles keeping it tucked in though!
Nicolina: This is something that I’d definitely like to wear, maybe a navy simple sight up and down pencil skirt with a peach pink blouse, it is simple yet elegant, two wardrobe basics that are easy to pair up with other things and just look great without taking the attention unless your print takes it.
Simona: This combo looks nice. I would make it really long so that when tucked in it won’t come out. What do you think Silvia? Would making it longer might solve your problem?
Silvia: Simona, I should really follow your advice and simply make my shirt longer!
2913Silvia: I told you it was the jacket issue! There are 8 in this issue…certainly something for everyone…perhaps I would have preferred if they included also some dresses in this issue…
Nicolina: Hmm really don’t like blazers.
Simona: Cute jacket and just the way I like them. Not really sure about the denim used for the pants… Way too patch for my liking.

Silvia: Ok we are not here to comment on those sunglasses are we? I am not a fan of classic flower prints but I find that pairing such a loud print with plain white is not so bad, is it?
Skinny jeans seems to continue being popular…my very personal opinion is that very few people can get away with that style.
Simona: Well that’s what’s attracting my attention in this picture too. As if the outfit is made to emphasize the sunglasses not the other way around. I like the combination as well but I would have gone the other way. flowery pants and white jacket. But that’s just me.
Nicolina: There interesting. You have a point Simona… a friend of mine have a really nice pair of flowery trousers and I’m thinking about making a pair just because they’re flowery even if I hardly ever wear anything other the dresses.


Silvia: This month’s plus size is a gown. Gold is certainly not my favorite color and you would need to test the fit of those gathers at the bust area. Maybe in a different color it could be nice…By the way La mia boutique also issues a specific magazine for Plus sizes. The new issue is out now!
Nicolina: I’m thinking Ariel the Disney mermaid princess. Nothing I would wear but for the right person it might be gorgeous.
Simona: Not so sure! about this one. Just feels off!!.. Maybe it’s the color.



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Silvia: Not the best issue I am afraid..Perhaps they had done a jacket special my expectations would have been different 😉 Yet I use the same rule of thumb as for Burda Style. If I like at least two patterns and I don’t have anything similar in previous issues…it’s worth buying. In Italy it’s 4.9 euros (6.7USD/4GBP) and their patternmakers are professionally trained…you can’t beat that!
Nicolina:While it only contained 2 things I’m interested in making and I already own very similar patterns of the kimono style blouse and the pencil skirt. If you’re into blazers and think of making several with slightly different shape, go for it, otherwise, I’m not convinced.
Simona: I have seen better issues from them. Way to many jackets. After seeing these not sure I would actually buy this issue. Maybe in time it will grow on me but for now. Not good enough for me.

7 thoughts on “La Mia Boutique 04 2014 Review

  1. I basically agree with you ladies: overall a pretty uninspiring issue. The March issue was so, so much better!
    There are some decent patterns among these, but … none of them are striking. From what I can tell from the photos, there isn’t a single pattern that has any particularly interesting or unusual details that I like. This might be a good issue for someone looking for some work-appropriate basics, like a blazer or two, trousers, a pencil skirt. I’m not that someone, unfortunately.


  2. This is definitely the least inspiring issue for a while. And, again, what kind of fashion crack are their stylists smoking (thank you Tim Gunn…that phrase never gets old in my head!).
    I’d be interested to see how they handle a specific plus size (I am technically plus sized but often buy the standard issues of Burda/LMB as well as they’re easily altered.) If that gold gown is anything to go buy it could be “interesting”.


  3. Hi Siliva! I loved reviewing this issue with you and Nicolina! So much fun.
    If you want I can sign up for future issues as well! Just let me know and I’ll provide the comments 🙂
    PS: put put a link on my blog to your post


  4. Totally agree with all of you. The designs were uninspiring and some of the photography seemed weird. Hopefully the next issue will be more exciting!


  5. I think the style of photography really does these garment no favor. It feels a bit tired, cateloguey.

    The Big 4 also suffer the same problem. I much prefer Burda’s location shots – more inspiring. (Maybe Burda has a bigger budget to play with – wider audience, multiple distribution methods?)

    None of these outfits would look dated if LMB adopts an au courant Street Style photography (like on The Sartorialist They don’t look miles off the type of outfits I see in street shot photos in Grazia magazine.


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