Guest Pattern Reviewer La Mia Boutique 12/2013: Long sleeved top with yoke and lace insert – pattern 04

Remember the Guest La Mia Boutique reviewer initiative I launched last month? In addition to having some candidates lined up (my lips are sealed), I also received a very kind proposal from Margaret of  Window on my world.

She is an avid La Mia Boutique seamstress and talented writer who has been living in Northern Italy for some years. She suggested to write a review on one a long sleeved top patterns from 12/2013 issue. For me it’s a great opportunity to offer you some feedback on sewing with La Mia Boutique patterns other than my own, especially as it comes from someone as talented as Margaret who sewed this spectacular wedding dress for her daughter. I am delighted to have her here today.


Margaret´s daughter wedding dress

Let’s dive in to read about Margaret’s experience with Top 4 below.


Why did you choose this pattern?

Although the photo in the magazine wasn’t particularly inspiring (it’s very difficult to see detail on black garments), I liked the idea of the yoke and the lace insert on the front. I think it lifts the top from the mundane to something a little special. I also had the brown knit in my stash and it was just the right amount. It was meant to be!

How easy was the pattern to use?

It wasn’t difficult. The yoke was probably the most difficult part. It’s important to get the pleats perfect so that they lie well. The gathering on the back of the neck was also a little difficult. In  my opinion, that part is a little too wide and could be lessened in the pattern cutting stage if you have the skills to do so. There were a few other problems which I will get to later.

Were there any fitting problems?

The size 44 was perfect across the bust for me. Although my hips are larger than that size,  the giving nature of the knit fabric meant that I didn’t have to make any adjustments there either. I didn’t think of checking where the sleeve seams would lie, and I think the shoulder seam is a little long. Next time I’ll take it in by a centimetre or so. I added about a centimetre to the top of the front because I don’t like my tops too low cut. I traced one centimetre seam allowances and sewed along the edge with my overlocker.

Here are the pattern pieces ready for pinning and cutting.


Would you make this pattern again?

Definitely! Although I would probably try to make the few changes I mentioned.

It fits well and it’s very comfortable.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to make this pattern?

Fitting the collar and yoke to the back is a little tricky, but if you do it the way they suggest, you get a lovely, neat finish. After you have sewn the pleats on the front of the yoke and the gathering and seam on the back neck, fold the neck and yoke in half, wrong sides inside, so that the raw edges are on top of each other. Clip the inner corner of the shoulder. Be careful not to clip too far.

This photo shows the pattern piece open. It will be folded in half so both the shoulder corners are together.


Now fold the seam allowance inwards on both top fabric and bottom fabric and press. You can now insert the shoulder and neckline of the back in between the two layers. Pin and tack the seam. Sew the seam from the outside to get a perfect seam. It should look like this.


And this is the inside:


The final product:


And a final styling suggestion. Cream trousers set off the brown beautifully!


It was just as much fun sharing my opinion with all of you as it was making the top. If you decide to make it too, share your pictures and experience with us.

Happy sewing everyone!

Thanks so much Margaret for your tips. The finish on your top is exquisite. Looking at the inside pictures makes me want to wear your top inside out with pride!

8 thoughts on “Guest Pattern Reviewer La Mia Boutique 12/2013: Long sleeved top with yoke and lace insert – pattern 04

    1. Thanks Evie…I am preparing the ground for your LMB makes. As soon as you find time to sew them, of course. I am so behind with everything that I have only done max 10% of my winter sewing plans!


  1. Wonderful reveiw of this pattern, I love the tips that were given by Margaret.
    I saw the wedding dress and it was sewen with perfection.


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