I am weak…WIP: Margot Blouse – République du Chiffon



I am weak! Are you too?

République du Chiffon drafted the above beautiful Margot blouse Pattern

Unlike other independent patterns, the price is very reasonable: 3.60 Euros!

Atelier Brunette Cosmic blue fabric is to die for…alas not cheap!

Supercut stocks their fabric thus making shipping more reasonable…if you prefer, you can also get their fabric directly from Atelier Brunette

Ho ceduto alla tentazione! Succede anche a voi?

République du Chiffon ha lanciato la bellissima camicia Margot che vedete qui sopra.

Diversamente dagli altri designer indipendenti, il prezzo e’ davvero ragionevole: 3,6 euro!

La stoffa Cosmic Blue di Atelier Brunette mi fa impazzire…anche se non e’ molto economica!

Supercut  ha questa stoffa in catalogo quindi la spedizione non e´ troppo cara…o se preferite potete comprarla da  Atelier Brunette

Why it’s worth to make a muslin

So finally last weekend I made my muslin: though some find it a waste of time and at times I wonder myself…but in the end I prefer checking the fit than getting disappointed after having put a lot of effort. Yes, I am a muslin addict…within reason.

Perché vale la pena cucire un modello di prova

Alla fine lo scorso fine settimana ho fatto un modello di prova: anche se alcuni la trovano una perdita di tempo e a volte ho anche io dei dubbi…ma alla fine preferisco verificare la vestibilità piuttosto che avere brutte soprese dopo aver perso tempo a cucire un capo. Sì, sono un po’ fissata con i modelli di prova…senza strafare però.


My verdict on the muslin is (the pictures lie somewhat): it fits very well. The armhole is just as I like it…I may have another winner soon!

Another reason why I made a muslin is…the placket instructions were puzzling for me. No, it’s not that the instructions didn´t include a drawing…it´s just that I couldn’t understand it! And after thinking a cracked the code and congratulated myself…I realized I had done it wrong! 

Well, that´s in for now. In the meantime, I cut the fabric so I hope to get some sewing done next Sunday…I am away from my sewing machine for the whole week.

What are you working on? Do you make muslins at all?

Il mio verdetto sul capo (le foto mentono un po’): veste bene. Il giromanica è giusto…forse presto ci sarà un altro modello preferito!

L’altro motivo per cui ho cucito il capo di prova è…le istruzioni dell’abbottonatura mi sembravano incomprensibili. No, non è che le istruzioni non includessero uno schema…è che non le capivo! E dopo aver creduto di averle capite ed essermi congratulata con me stessa…mi sono resa conto di aver sbagliato! 

Be’…è tutto per ora. Nel frattempo ho tagliato la stoffa e spero di cucire un po’ domenica prossima…sono lontana dalla macchina per tutta la settimana!

E voi cosa state cucendo? Fate anche voi dei capi di prova?

10 thoughts on “I am weak…WIP: Margot Blouse – République du Chiffon

  1. That does look like a good fit! Those covered button plackets puzzle me too. I’ve never made one, but it seems like it would be fiddly. Hope you get some sewing in over the weekend!


  2. I’m only just coming to value the extra effort of making a muslin – but the added bonus is that I’m using up some of my less lovely fabrics while tweaking the fit. The armholes of this blouse look very well fitted on you and I adore that fabric!


  3. This shirt is LOVELY and you are a queen of shirts! I seriously think you look classy wearing shirts! I am so looking forward to seeing the finished Margot 😉

    Do I make muslins? Oh yeah! Rephrasing Susan Khalje, a muslin is a sewing laboratory! 🙂


  4. Oh, I went and visited Atelier Brunette a few months ago and while I love their fabrics, the shipping to Canada was pretty prohibitive. Can’t wait to see which print you picked for this blouse. I do make muslins, but not always. Now that I’ve learned how to tissue fit I am using that method a bit more. But I agree with you that I rather have a practice run before spending time and effort in the “real deal”


  5. Oh yes I am weak too when it comes to lovely fabric and patterns. That’s what the stash is for though and it is so much fun rummaging through my boxes trying to remember what treasures are in there.

    This blouse is a lovely one indeed and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final garment, though no pressure of course 🙂

    I definitely make muslins as I always need to figure out construction and fit etc and besides, I really enjoy the process…… most of the time. At the moment I’m making a simple pair of trousers and have just finished the various alterations to get crotch fitting OK and so forth, which took a couple of muslins. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll cut out the linen and lining and start making them up. Yay.


  6. Esa blusa es muy original, el cuello es muy divertido. Yo diría que las muselinas son perfectas para ir sobre seguro cuando estás utilizando un patrón por primera vez o estás utilizando una tela muy cara, tu muselina tiene un aspecto perfecto!


  7. That Atelier Brunette fabric is too cool! I’m a big fan of making muslins — it’s a great way to test the fit, the construction steps and any details that might be challenging. I’d rather mess up the muslin than my nice fabric! Have a good week!


  8. I can understand why you succumbed. This shirt is very you.
    I have to make a muslin. Every. Single. Time. Otherwise there is no hope. I’ve also learned not to rush the muslin. If it takes more than one…so be it. I’ve tried tissue fitting but cannot do it on myself.


  9. Silvia,

    Ho scoperto il tuo blog con grande piacere! Tornero spesso qui per vedere tutte le tue belle creazioni!
    Mi dispiace per gli errori che ho fatto in italiano ma lo sto imparando sola e non ho la possibilita di practicarlo spesso!



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