Underwear time! It’s not so easy!

underwear failure

I was convinced I would never sew my underwear….but I started seeing so many of you making beautiful versions…I was weak!

In the end I gave it a go!

I am embarrassed to say version one is Rosy Ladyshorts pattern! Clearly the problem only lies with my horrendous finishing skills! I used fold over elastic instead of lace trim. But I didn’t add the 1 inch width on the pattern. So the undies ended up being too narrow at the crotch area.

And I should have sewn the FOE before assembling the two sides together!

Clearly I have a lot to learn!

Pensavo che non avrei mai cucito l’intimo…ma ho comiciato a vedere alcune voi che ne pubblicavano delle bellissime versioni…e ho ceduto!

Alla fine, ci ho provato anche io!

Mi vergogno a dire che queste sopra sono il modello Rosy Ladyshorts! Chiaramente i problemi sono dovuti alle mie pessime finiture! Ho usato dell’elastico che si piega in due (molto difficile da trovare in merceria…piu’ facile comprarlo su Etsy cercando FOE o Fold over elastic) Purtroppo non ho aggiunto i 2,5 cm previsti per il pizzo elastico. Quindi le mutande sono troppo strette nella zoa del cavallo.

E avrei dovuto cucire l’elastico prima di assemblare le due parti.

Ovviamente ho ancora molto da imparare!

take 2 undies After seeing Merche’s gorgeous underwear I got motivated again! Thanks to her advice I made some changes to the pattern and followed La Pantigana’s tutorial (in Spanish)…the finish is so much better.

I also used a ticker lycra and decided to skip the elastic all together. I simply serged all exposed seams. Not only it’s faster and cheaper but you don’t need to mess with elastic or FOE. Let me just tell you that this option requires fabric with good recovery

Though I won’t dare showing the undies on me (people are watching) this pattern also fits better…so it may not be my last try! I am thinking I could use this pattern to make a bikini bottom!

I hope the following questions won’t be too indiscreet:  What color/shape underwear do you prefer? Do you go for plain fabric, prints or lace?

By the way, in case you missed it, Craftsy is having a pre-Christmas sale. Until 12/24 you can save up to 50% on classes… There are two new patternmaking classes that look quite interesting: The Bodice Sloper and The Skirt Sloper

Dopo aver visto le mutande fatte da Merche mi e’ tornato l’entusiasmo! Grazie ai suo consigli ho fatto delle modifiche al modello e ho seguito le spiegazioni de La Pantigana (in spagnolo)…le finiture sono davvero migliorate.

Ho usato una lycra piu’ pesante e ho eliminato l’elastico. I bordi sono rifiniti con la taglia e cuciti. Quindi e’ stato molto piu’ veloce, meno costoso e poi ho evitato di dover trafficare con l’elastico. Ovviamente questa opzione richiede che la stoffa scelta abbia una buona elasticita’.

Anche se non vi faro’ vedere le mutande indossate (ci sono troppi sguardi indiscreti) questo modello veste meglio…quindi credo proprio che le rifaro’! Anzi sto pensando che potrei farci il sotto di un bikini.

E se non sono troppo indiscreta… Che colore/modello di mutande preferite? Preferite tinta unita, fantasia o pizzo?

A proposito, su Craftsy ci sono dei corsi con sconti fino al 50% validi fino al 24/12 (se non lo conoscete Craftsy e’ una piattaforma che offre corsi di cucito, maglia, cucina, fotografia e altro con insegnanti che rispondono alle vostre domande. E’ solo in inglese). Ci sono due nuovi corsi di modellistica: Il Corpino base e la gonna base

14 thoughts on “Underwear time! It’s not so easy!

  1. Nice try! I’ve never tried sewing underwear for me, only for my daughter, I shared a FREE pattern some time ago on my blog, edged with FOE… I really love your second version, I’m thinking about sewing a version 2.0 with fabric edges me too!
    PS: I love black unerwear, but colors are my thing too: violet, teal, lilac, rainbow….
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.com


  2. Glad the second try went better 🙂 Underwear has been on my list for awhile to sew so I’ll hopefully get around to it eventually. I like coloured underwear, because even if I’m in my black/white/grey school uniform, I know I’m wearing some colour!


  3. Creo que una vez que coses ropa interior con buenos resultados, esto es altamente adicctivo, es fácil, rápido y puedes hacer tropecientos de ellos , que seguramente los usarás todos. Me ha gustado mucho la segunda versión. Un besito.


  4. I love your first attempt, and the much better second. They look great. I love sewing my underwear and my 7yr old daughters from Jalie 3242 The pattern fits amazing. Better than any Victoria Secret undies.
    I prefer black too, but I also like to mix it up with stripes once in a while.
    don’t give up!


  5. Wow! I tried the Rosy Lady Shorts many times, and they never fit right – looks like I should have added the extra inch! I had no idea! (Entirely possible I didn’t read the directions though!) Your second pair looks good enough that I’m thinking about giving it another try, although I swore I would never do it again!


  6. I love plain ones in black or nude, but I’m not adverse to some prints either! Not a fan of all lace though… I’m impressed you had a go at this underwear construction and the second pair look really comfy, which is the most important (to me) thing!


  7. If your first priority is comfort, I suggest you make a pattern from an existing pair of your favorite underwear. By doing this for my first several pair, I was able to focus on learning the techniques of applying the different types of elastic I used. I was also able to tweak my pattern to get an even more perfect fit. Then after I had developed more skill in applying the elastics/stretch lace/FOE, I was able to use my perfected pattern as a sort of sloper to determine whether other patterns would work on my body type.

    I think you’ve done a great job for you first attempts! I have found that it gets easier the more you do it. My most difficult challenge was figuring out how to measure my elastic so that it cupped around my larger derriere. I used old t-shirts and inexpensive elastic and practiced until I got it just how I like it. After a few more pair, you’ll be comfortable with the process and will be able to have fun with making them.


  8. Congrats on not giving up on the underwear! The first pair doesn’t really look very wearable, but the second pair totally does! I haven’t made underwear yet, and I am not yet convinced I should make my own, despite all the lovely examples I see popping up everywhere. I like my underwear plain and simple. Girlie boxers in cotton, with or without print, I don’t really care, as long as they are comfortable!


  9. I applaud your adventures in underwear…your second pair are really lovely! I keep thinking I’d like to have a go but as I tend towards matched sets of stretch silk and lace, with lined cups, I think I’m asking for a world of trouble!


  10. 🙂 Congrats on making your first pair of wearable undies! They look really nice and I’m sure the pattern would make a great bikini bottom! Personally, knickers are my favorite option for using jersey scraps, but I try to stay away from FOE – too complicated. 😉


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