Polka-dot Sorbetto


Meet my third Sorbetto. I made two Sorbetto tops last year from upcycled fabric.

This time I gave the pattern a slight twist with the inverted pleat. Though it makes the shape slightly baggier I think I like this pleat best.

The photo shoot does not show my best face I must tell you…Of all the pictures I took these are the best because my face is not showing much.


…I had a slight crisis after seeing the initial pictures. I guess it’s one of those things you get when you look at your face and you don’t like it. Maybe it was the new haircut or the lighting…but I couldn’t get myself to forget hence the crappy mood!

Which is really sad because I really like this top. The fabric  is very dear to me as it’s from my London fabric shopping with Evie…we were so well behaved that she had to push me to get a whole meter of this fabric that cost me a whopping 1 Pound (1.55 USD/1.17 Euros). Thanks to her I had some left to make super cute bias binding!

Do you ever have bad picture days?

14 thoughts on “Polka-dot Sorbetto

  1. hi Silvia, the top is beautiful and i love your mods. Don’t be rude with yourself and your picture, I know sometimes picture doesn’t show our best face, mood etc. but it’s just a picture and doesn’t tell who you are, specially if you are worried about taking the best photo while making them. Enjoy your shooting and just smile as relaxed as you can, don’t worry about how you look like and be yourself. it’s complicate, but love your body and aspect every day, don’t be too critics on it, we are human, all different shape and that is, we are not porcelain dolls, so just love you and love what you make, that’s the lonly secret on a successful photo, who is watching can feel the spirit in it, so if you get nervous while taking the shoot they feel this, if you enjoy it they will enjoy and they doesn’t note if your face isn’t at her best. sorry for that long comment, anyway Sorbetto is the best and i will steal the idea for the next one 🙂 xoxo


  2. I hope you are no longer in a crappy mood because you look wonderful and that is a beautiful breezy summer top!! I think we sewers can get a little overly critical about our creations and how our photos look. When I feel this way, a large gin and tonic in the sunshine helps! 🙂 Have a great week-end.


  3. You’re one of the prettiest bloggers I follow – but I do know what it’s like to have a blah day!

    I like the inverted pleat. This is one of those patterns I downloaded but have never made. Too much pattern competition!


  4. Es muy bonito Silvia, la tela es preciosa y si la compraste a buen precio y te trae buenos recuerdos su compra mejor que mejor. Por cierto, el pliegue invertido me gusta mucho, le he prometido un top a una amiga y me vas a servir de inspiración.


  5. I think you always look fantastic. What happened to the girls who was willing to stretch her yoga pants on the road side. With witnesses!!! Love the sorbetto. It’s a great pattern. I have some blue checked linen to make up a new one after I , err, grew out of my previous one. On the bright side, it’s winter here in Australia and maybe I’ll grow back into my previous one before summer!


  6. It looks so lovely on you! The fabric really is perfect, mixing the playfulness of the polka dots with the slightly understated dark pastels. 🙂


  7. Hi Silvia, The Sorbetto looks great and the fit is terrific! I am new to your blog but I like your spirit and your sewing. As many people have said, you’re lovely and you should think so! 🙂 I have been through moments in my life in which I felt very self-critical, but something happened to me as I got older (I am now 43) and I honestly see myself as more beautiful each year! 🙂


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