La mia boutique 06/2013 Review


UPDATE: If you want to buy a copy of the June issue, Anna is selling hers

After the fabulous May La mia boutique issue and your impressive response and interested in my review, I was waiting June with much anticipation. Would the issue let us down?

The fabric on cover dress is fantastic…I love the unsual orange and hot pink combo. Certainly with this fabric you don’t really see the pleats on the dress…but if you look at the technical drawing you can really appreciate them. To me making pleats on such a busy print is a waste of time…but they would look nice on a plain fabric. Big bonus of this design…fitting is minimal as it’s quite loose. And you could always lengthen it for extra coverage.


The left hand side top is a nice basic wardrobe builder. It has two top patterns in one. I really like the keyhole detail at the back. What I don’t like is the pants they put on the model…they don’t match at all.

Next up is a blouse…if it was for the picture  alone…I would totally throw it to the bin…then if I look at the drawing…well, I could give it a chance…but I wouldn’t do the peplum/flounce


Again…the pattern matching is off to me…couldn’t they just pair the jacket with a plain dress or a less busy print? Or am I getting too conservative?

Ok, Silvia focus on the jacket! It reminds me of a Chanel jacket…classy very versatile…just imagine a different fabric here, add your favorite embellishments…unleash your imagination



Here we see the dress on its own…the designisn’t too bad either. Personally I might have to add back darts. But unless they did some styling/pin tricks on the model the pattern is not too loose, e.g. I wouldn’t look like a potato sack.


Now, if you know me you may have guessed my reaction when I saw the top above! Tacky and way too revealing are just two words in my head. I had an urge to post a message on LMB Facebook page asking if they lost their minds completely.

Then I restrained myself – rarely happens 😉 – Still I would not wear it…but I thought of a younger woman going to a dance club and having fun…maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. I would still overlap and sew the fronts together. What do you think?  Believe it or not this pattern comes from an actual garment by a real Italian designer, Ezio Mantovani




This is one of the plus size patterns…for once I think the finish garment looks better than the tech drawing. Again it’s a basic pattern.


This blouse looks very cute to me. It reminds me of a pattern that came out a couple of months ago on Burdastyle. I guess I am biased on this one as it’s very me.

Since this summer the sewing blog-sphere seems to be all about sewing bathing suits, I thought I’d show you the bikini. I think I am not ready yet to take the plunge (in sewing terms and real terms) but if you want there is also a swimsuit pattern. Personally I may go for the pattern next to it…the dress or swimsuit cover-up

La mia boutique June-001

Here is the full list of patterns in June issue. There are a couple of interesting accessories and pouches too. All in all, I still think May was a better issue…and that picture taking and styling can still be improved. But I am grateful LMB seems to have started using wovens, not just stretch or over-complicated patterns!

LMB 0713

And since July is around the corner have a look at next issue preview…apparently it is going to be a double issue…let’s hope it meets our expectations because I may plan another giveaway 😉


Italian sewing words

Let’s start with some basic terms in case you get your hands on LMB copy and you need to decipher the pattern pieces (personally I find it the hardest part on a foreign language patter)

Davanti: Front

Dietro: Back

Manica: sleeve

Bordo rifinitura scalfo: seam binding armhole

Sinistro: left

Destro: right

Collo: neckline

Cerniera: zip



Disclaimer: I received this copy of LMB for review. Given the interest you showed on my previous review I thought it would be a nice idea. My only condition is that you, my readers, and the integrity of my blog remain my priority. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.


5 thoughts on “La mia boutique 06/2013 Review

  1. Hi Silvia,

    a new convert to your blog from little old New Zealand here! I am interested in the May issue of LMB. Do you think it would still be possible to get back issues of it? if so, where would one get one from.



  2. Thanks for the Italian words Silvia. I was in Italy recently and had no idea how to say any of this. Looking up a dictionary just doesn’t cut it for sewing terms! I think I probably missed some great fabric. Damn.


  3. Some nice patterns. I quite like that revealing top. It would work well with a boob tube (for the younger set) or camisole underneath. Jeans look like a nice draft too.


  4. Some interesting summer looks in this issue. The tacky drapey top may not be so bad if it is styled differently, as Vicki notes, but definitely not for me! My fave is the cover dress — I like the simple style and the fabric choice.


  5. love the cover dress. and the beach cover up is nice too (i never go to beach cause post-kid body is unfit to be thrown upon helpless bystanders lol. i might could go with this on top lol.
    but that top that just hangs there? what on earth! could you imagine a slight gust of wind and whoops, everyone just saw my boobies 8^O. and the night club thing? bette rhope that girl doent like to dance and just stands around drinking margaritas lol!


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